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I hadn’t realized that there had been such a big gap since I last blogged…

I suppose a good place to start would be my Gratitude Log..

Gratitude Log:

  1. Tylenol–for three days this week, or longer, I have had back pains that I am sure have been another kidney stone. (I have had five now.) It may even be the stone I had felt in September that I never passed
  2. Motrin–Same deal, a mix of tylenol and motrin caused the pain to diminish, though not go away entirely
  3. Marie-Callenders and there 6.99 per pie sale. Doesn’t happen enough but it sure stops the monotony of desserts. I have not had Ice Cream since before the start of September so I rationalize that it is okay for an indulgence into Chocolate Cream Pie or Cherry Pie since we’ll only do this why the sale is on.
  4. Pets-Loveable scamps except that so often it is one way. We give, get up and feed them, clean up after them, and they just sit around like lugs all day.
  5. Music–Without the world would be a lot quieter.

The writing for the months since my last report went very well, in September outpacing much of what I had ever done before. My KoTohLan project grew to over 140,000 words during the time and i finished the first draft earlier in the week.

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