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Have been asked again to speak to a book group on The End of the World! PastedGraphic.KDNnf7rugj9f.jpg

Sales should pick up and spent the last two days fitting into my writing schedule the design of a bookmark.AdobePhotoshopElements8-5.5L15PmhFAXvT.jpg

I’ll print that onto cardstock and laminate and give it out when I go to the group. Been thinking how to take the Toast of the Ton card game…ToastoftheTon.A7Dqkr7qICue.jpg to make it better than the cardboard stock I printed it on about 10 years ago and while working on the bookmark, did research into laminators. I can laminate the cards for about $1 dollar which should make for a much sturdier card. Soon that will be offered for sale at Regency Assembly Press’s website.

This week saw my inputing all the edit corrections I made to The Shattered Mirror. I would like to extend my thanks to my copy editors and prepublication readers. Deedira, Nora and David. It is being given the final edit by Melinda, and then it will be off to publication.

While doing that I have also started writing the 2nd part of Steam and Thunder. I was looking for a T word to start it off, so it would be T#### and Sword. Kevin, Regina, David and Melinda all had suggestions. At the moment the unnamed T has over 60K words, started on Monday the 9th. The progress slowed down a little this week as the days were taken up with entering the edits and comparing the edits of The Shattered Mirror. As of today, I am 100 pages shy of matching all the pages I wrote in all of 2009. Still four and half months to go.

For all these cut, copy and pastes I have started to use SkitchSkitch.com%2BSkitch%3Dfastandfunscreencaptureandimagesharing..vqLXyxURLtt7.jpg which has proven very handy.

The Gratitude Log

  1. 1) Family-We had a family day last sunday and these remind you how important the generation ahead and that which is coming behind are.

2) Skitch– I mention above how useful that is becoming
3) Brea Econo Lube N’ Tube-Mr. Park is the best. We went there for an oil change and have been taking all our cars, and the companies cars back for everything ever since…
4) Jerry’s Dogs–I started eating here right after it opened. The great thing about Jerry’s now that it is so busy you can’t get a table right away, is that when your dog is ready, you pick it up and have 30 toppings you can put on top of it. Jerry_sWood-FiredDogs__EverybodyLovesaGoodDog.VPxe3WDBszN9.jpg
5) Hallmark greeting cards–We have lost 2 stores in our neighborhood this recession, but there is still one and it has a great selection.

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