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My quest to get Published

I actually have several first drafts finished at this point. Some even second drafts and ready for submittal. So what am I waiting for.

  1. The Regencies
    • Mrs. Bertrams’ Hazard
    • Colonel FitzWilliam
    • Caution’s Heir
  2. Amnesiac Cowboy-The tongue in cheek story of the wild west in Colorado
  3. Born to Grace-The first part of a fantasy trilogy
  4. Tranquility Hilton
  5. Chivalric Dreams
  6. Fragments
    • Space Mine
    • Their Graces of Brantley
    • Terra’s Birthright
    • Steam and Thunder
    • Rebellion
    • Roses War
    • Star Musketeers
    • Born to Grace II

So with all that, it is time to dust them off and polish them up and send them out.

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