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I have spent two weeks actually thinking about writing a blog post everyday and have yet to have done so until now.

One reason I think is that sales have slowed to half of what they were before. That is the wrong direction. I wanted things to keep going. I had one negative review of my work, and checking with the positive reviews I have had, it seems to be the reviewer not liking the tone I take to write dialogue.

That is a shame for I think that my dialogue provides mood, and gives one an idea for the Regency.

In any case the statistics for September were very good.

169 books sold.

Here at mid October we are at 54 units sold.

I did a great deal of work on the Jane project and finished the second draft as well. I think the price point is going to be $3.99 for an ebook and 8.99 for a physical book.

It is in the hands of three friends who are critiquing and reading it. I hope they will finish soon so I can get it out to the world.

But that means while waiting I should continue on with my Space story. The passion for it comes and goes. And with less than 2 weeks before NaNoWriMo, I have to get working on the plot for that as well.

Tentatively called the Other Shoe. As with past years it will be a Regency Romance

When the cliche, the shoe is on the other foot, becomes more reality than fiction, Lady Barbara Winhampton does not know if she is in love, or if she is being spitefully treated in retribution for all the men she has spurned these two seasons in London. Suitor after suitor came to profess their love and she would have none of them until she met the heir to Duke Stanfield. Michael Hope Montgomery Baxter, Viscount Devon and one day the eight Duke, took one look at her and then gave her the cut direct.

Yet only the moment before that she had seen him, and knew, beyond any doubt, that he was the husband she had been waiting for.

Stayed tuned to see what happens and what I do.

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