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Space Mine got my attention some more today. I got through three scenes in chapter eight. About two more to go. Word count accomplished today of 2761. That was the most writing this week, and brings the week to 8254. I plan to finish the chapter tomorrow. Already this month we have exceeded the writing done last month. So this has been quite productive.

Other accomplishments today was editing all of chapter 1 in Graces. I went to the Coffee Bean to catch up with my friend Tom who likes to hang out there before going home. Took the manuscript down and finished the edit. Now I need to type the changes up.

Saw the Wonder Boys today. It was too contrived. Too much here is what an adult show should be about. Man having a lousy life, everything going wrong… All of a sudden it all becomes predictable. Way too predictable. The only good thing was the cast of so many notable actors.

Finished my audit of the first series of Time Commanders. I really like this in spite of some things that have gotten worse as the series progressed. The lead historian who teaches at Sandhurst has not got nice things to say about the teams when the win or lose. He is arrogant in the extreme as he has studied strategy and all the contestants are amateurs. Now on to series two. It is a shame as Creative Assembly has later period games, the producers were not able to carry the series on to use those games and restage more battles.

On the Rollercoaster Tycoon front, I posted my latest park online at the site

Now it is wait and see if there are people out there who want to enter the competition.

Gratitude Log

  1. Cold Iced Coffee Drinks
  2. Coffee Houses that are not Starbucks
  3. Blue Azure Ink (So much more colorful then just regular blue)
  4. Online Banking
  5. Gilbert & Sullivan (How can you not be thankful for these guys)

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