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Well, it has been a few days since the last post and what has happened since seems to be not very exciting. The new book was going slow. Through last friday I was writing at about half speed and had to take Wednesday off entirely to house hunt. The recession has caused to look elsewhere to live. We found a nice place that we have an offer on, but I am not sure that it is the perfect place. It will mean boxing up our lives and asking for help from all sorts of sources to move.

In any case Saturday my writing changed. I felt motivated. I did nearly 40 pages on Saturday and Sunday and then another 44 in the last two days. The total for Beggars Can’t Be Choosier is at 142, or 42,545 words. With our targeting of 15 chapter, 300 page tales, we are nearly half way. The writing has been good and certain passages I think are quite well done.

As with my other novels, I like posting the first few paragraphs as a sample, so here we go:

A Crowded Affair

The Earl of Aftlake, stepped gingerly onto the sidewalk in front of 6 Wimpole Street. Brian Forbes Pangentier, shivered. It was not cold, since it was late May, but the mere thought of being in Wimpole Street at number six would make any man shiver.
Best to not think about it greatly and go in. Mrs. Hadding would have the place warm. She always had the place warm, and as he let half a floor of her, he could not do aught but endure the heat until he reached his floor, one below the top of the building. The second floor.
Up two flights of stairs, and then thankfully the door to his room. Mrs. Hadding though, once he opened the door would, as per usual, certainly be close enough at hand to ask him many questions of his day. A day spent looking for blunt.
Four generations before, the Aftlake’s were quite prosperous. It was an ill witted Earl who thought to loan money to King James, and not appease the daughter Mary thereafter. Queen Mary and her husband William did not think kindly of the Forbes family at that time for it. Marrying into the Pangentier family during the first George was good for a number of years. Years that ended when all their holdings in the America’s were destroyed by the little war they had there.
Just after father had finished idling at the university too, so the family went to rack and ruin. Not before he had finished his studies could they have lost all, no. When father might have had a chance to actually learn a thing, instead of how to read poetry. If he had learned to write poetry, then perhaps there would have been the ready in the Forbes Pangentier coffers. Instead he paid to publish his one book of verse and sold seven copies. The Countess would not let Brian even burn the near two hundred copies they had remaining in trade of coal.
He quickly opened the door and crossed the four paces to the stairs hurriedly. His foot hit the first tread and he was on his way.
“Ah my lord.” He heard Mrs. Harding before he saw her, but that was her skill. To move so quietly that her lodgers had no idea she was about. She was always about. Especially when it was the first of the month and rents were due.
“Mrs. Harding. So good to see you this night.”
“Night? Why there still be two good hours of daylight left, my lord.”
“Why you are quite correct Mrs. Harding. As always.”
“About such things, mayhap, but your lordship knows best, I tell all the other tenants so.” There were two others. Mr. Fitch who did something tedious in the City. Something tedious to be sure but the man had blunt and was never bothered by Mrs. Harding. He had enough of the ready to have food brought in from the Cask ‘o Ale around Harley Mews. It was not the world’s best place to get something to drink or eat. It was decent though. It was better than anything Mrs. Harding prepared. Though she had a second skill, if Brian wanted to admit it.
Mrs. Harding could do wonders with a chicken. Well one way. She could place that chicken, cut into parts in a frying pay, on the fire, and it came out near perfect each time.
To get to perfect though, one had to put up with talking to Mrs. Harding. And paying for the chicken and her time of course. She did not cook the thing for free, except as a christmas treat for her lodgers. Or for Lady Stanley. One of the many Lady Stanley’s in London. There must have been some Stanley that had been very profligate with his vital juices. This one’s father was a Viscount, but she herself was near eighty if a day. Her father, her, brother and daresay any nephew to the title long since gone. She had no callers and never left her rooms, which were the entire first floor.
Lady Stanley must have had some good portion for she had two servants that slept in two rooms on the third floor, along with the girl that Mrs. Harding employed. When Brian had some spare shillings, he was able to hire Lady Stanley’s man Crane. Crane did very little as far as Brian was able to discern. He took coal up to Lady Stanley’s room, and waste away. He was used for his strength, and his skill as a butler was not put to use. Brian knew the man’s wage was greater than the allowance that he lived on the year through.
Mrs. Harding probably did tell all the other tenants that he did know best. Just as she told him that Mr. Fitch was the man to help him about money, and Lady Stanley could open any door in the city should he ask.
“And I tell all how wonderful our house here is.” Brian said by way of kindness. It was not true. He had been eight when he had inherited the title and found that they had virtually no money left. Not that the properties were mortgaged. No. Just that in order to provide any money to pay the many other loans that Aftlake had incurred they would need be let.

In The End of the World and Regency Assembly Press

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Gratitude Log for the day:

  1. Wikipedia–This is a very useful resource. I ask myself a question and I can go to it and instantly find the answer. The trick is knowing what question one needs to ask oneself. Having had a great deal of exposure to history, or whatever subject I am interested in, I know the path to search for the answer, and indeed, may already have heard the answer several times in my life. I just may have forgotten it at that moment.
  2. CNBC–This is a great place to hear financial news and all about the stock market. Today watched live hearings of how crooked Goldman Sachs is.
  3. Chuck–This series on NBC is great. Can get all sorts of story ideas from it. Let us hope for another year.
  4. Google Maps–Another great resource. I can go there. Find a part of the country I want to see. Then when I have that dialed in, go to Wikipedia and find out even more information
  5. The Tudors–Another very interesting TV series. The Tudors of course includes not only Henry, but Edward, Mary and then Elizabeth (Jane Grey just kind of shows up for a few days in the middle.) Perhaps there will be several other seasons of this show.

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