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On July 7th, I was asked to speak to a book group that has been meeting for 25 years. My book had been chosen and ten ladies have read The End of the World. PastedGraphic.Wmy6dTfEUbfK.jpg

I spoke on my writing process and answered questions for near an hour. The book had been warmly received by the group, in awe that they could read a book without any four letter words so to speak in this day and age. This made me feel more confident in my writing.

I have also been asked to speak at a second book group.

Since my last update I finished the Regency romance, Two Peas in a Pod. It came in at 104,535 words, 348 pages. I used a twist on my formula at the end so I hope I continue to show my progress in the format.

July Numbers and year to date

For the month of June I was very productive writing 153,160 words. My best month ever and something I am sure I could emulate were I to do this full time.
July was different. We had two trips, one with each of our families. The Schumacher clan went to Big Sur. Frustrating in that we were so close to Monterey and Carmel and did not go there. Then we went to Alaska with the Wilkin clan. Saw all sorts of great things and have beautiful pictures as well. I also did a great deal of accounting work for my old business. In July we have just more than 150 pages an 46,324 words.

All told through this 7th month of the year 636,496 words. Or 87.14% of last year.

Steam and Thunder at 115,444 words and 385 pages just finished, of which 102,639 words (342 pages) was all new. Steam and thunder is the story of Jacklincoln Cartwright and what happens when he invents the steam engine in a society much like the 1300’s instead of the late 1700’s. It is a fantasy novel with technology serving as the magic.

The Gratitude Log

  1. Alaska–A great place for visiting.IMG_1164.akww0U4ZGeTg.jpg Lots of great natural things to look at. But i would not want to live there during the winters.IMG_0851.JwwbsuYBKX48.jpg Things also looked good as we had mostly sunny days.
  2. Princess Cruises–Of the four lines I have been on, these are the best so far.IMG_0933.3jpOgODYydcD.jpg
  3. Alcoholic Drinks–One can drink without much care on a cruise ship. It is an advantage. A midmorning coffee with amaretto. A long island ice tea with dinner. A late night drink after the shows…. It helps you sleep
  4. Whales–We didn’t see any. So that is a bummer. I wanted to see some. I hoped to see some. But we didn’t.
  5. Bald Headed Eagles–We did see these. They are majestic. But is this interpretation from all the years of being told they are, or that they truly are.

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