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Here we are and happy to report another sale for The End of the World

The End of the World and Regency Assembly Press

We are at 78 sales. We have one review from our readers. Click on the picture to order a copy at Amazon or go here. As those who are following know, The Shattered Mirror is now being edited. We have three editors and myself working on it.

The Shattered Mirror, Regency 2 for Regency Assembly Press is being edited by the production edit crew, Deedira, Nora and Corinne. ShatteredMirror.UvVgVgdBPyhc.jpg

Then I have been writing the next book for RAP, or Regency Assembly Press, which is Beggars Can’t be Choosier. I haven’t worked on the cover yet, but I finished it on Satruday, the 8th and we have 102,517 words. Now for the year we are at 1160 pages, or 348K words. I think for Beggars this dbucplry.P9WRctvZuWqv.jpgpicture might be our centerpiece.

Now it is time to choose another and to type in the editing of Cautions Heir. Cautions starts at 123K and it will go the route of traditional submittal at this time. Along with the Space Mine story. (That could use a better title)

The Gratitude Log

  1. Arby’s–PastedGraphic3.OGw8fW8HmwR3.jpgThey have taken the Super off the menu board, but it is still in the computer 1__%23%24%21%40%25%21%23__PastedGraphic.ryFZRWxrbOM1.jpg. It has Lettuce and tomato so it makes the entire thing a sandwich.

2)        Horsey Sauce–Well while at Arby’s you have to appreciate this.PastedGraphic2.TVzdZHMYevcd.jpg
3)        McBooks Press–I am reading a review of one of the books they publish. I won’t talk yet about that, since I have read 2/3rds and not finished the book, but the publishing company has done wonders to give Wooden Ships and Iron Men literature. Thanks for them.PastedGraphic4.whZzq1twV90W.jpg
4)        Castle–A writer friend was talking today about how she liked the show, and it was the only one she watched. I watch a lot of shows, because as a writer, other writers can give me ideas, and this is a show about a writer, though one does help Nathan Fillion is as smart as the writer he is portraying.PastedGraphic5.OQWgtGABTCJR.jpg

5)        Painter X–PastedGraphic6.PoUr33KYPl0A.jpgI had the first edition of this software in the painting can, years ago, right when I got out of the macintosh and had to give the software away. But then 15 years later I got a mac again and they have gone to version 10 (11 now) so I was able to get it again. It is the best painting and picture from photo making software, ever.

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Writing and where we are at, what I have accomplished:

1 Space Mine 97,915
2 Graces of Brantley 112,871
3 Colonel Pen 98,362
4 KoTohLan 144,672
5 The End of the World 101,376
6 Trevanion’s Legend 36,238
Roses War
Born to Grace II


This last week of the year I started new work on Born to Grace II which is the middle book of my big fat trilogy. The first big weighed in at 210,000+ words. I had written the first 39K words about 20 years ago and so it has taken effort to return to it. I finished the first draft of Roses War which I started I think in the Redondo Beach years (between 93 and 98) It was about 12,000 when I started it and on monday we got the book to 126,000+ Also this year we have finished the markups for the 2nd edition of Caution’s Heir but have not typed them into the computer. We have done the first 4 chapters of The End of the World, and have entered those into the computer. It nearly growing by 2K which will be recorded when the book moves into the 2nd draft column.

I started the year having written approximately 1.15 million words. This year I increased that total by over 63%

One of the great things of 2009, not that there was many things that were great, was that three of the seven writing projects that I had at the beginning of the year were finished. Trevanion’s Legend, and Roses War were very old projects, and Space Mine started sometime last year now finished. Then four books completely created out of nothing this year.


Books that were read (reviews can be found at David’s Reading List) :
1) Two tales of Korval         PastedGraphic.kedll2i6nsle.jpg
2) Fellow Travelers          PastedGraphic1.Zvb6Lse2aJTp.jpg
3) The Light Ages         PastedGraphic2.oNxNfdw1wIZY.jpg
4) The Yiddish Policemen’s Union         PastedGraphic3.j5rzuFoKE6pv.jpg
5) The Dark is Rising         PastedGraphic4.5PGtFJXlaraU.jpg
6) The Fallen Angels         PastedGraphic9.pAukEJlQGiWx.jpg
7) Starrise at Corrivale         PastedGraphic8.Vso4HFSdzCTH.jpg
8) At Ambeleaf Fair         PastedGraphic7.cqhKG8r3bU1m.jpg
9) Venetia         PastedGraphic6.ntMazbd1vuwu.jpg
10) The Coffee Trader         PastedGraphic5.GVd7mKTdC7vw.jpg
11) Italian Neighbors         PastedGraphic11.v1feYqAwixrA.jpg
12) The Final Empire         PastedGraphic10.3TsTZcXLYZNE.jpg
13) Do Not Disturb         PastedGraphic13.eOnHuC1SvOXg.jpg
14) Service for Two         PastedGraphic12.wDjNSjjCrVqx.jpg
15) The Missing Manual:OS X Leopard         PastedGraphic14.rboB8mrZCLbi.jpg
16) Eat, Drink, and be Buried         PastedGraphic15.I1LTLGNXZVO0.jpg
17) Check-out Time         PastedGraphic16.U3XUcM7sxcNu.jpg
18) Grounds for Murder         PastedGraphic18.1AXxKgp7xFhp.jpg
19) Northworld         PastedGraphic17.uHMVdYsP70Cn.jpg
20) The Way of Shadows         PastedGraphic20.r5MU8H5GjXRz.jpg
21) Shadow’s Edge         PastedGraphic19.mcNZ6QZxvXiK.jpg
22) The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas 2008        PastedGraphic22.DDYUy1KcngMA.jpg
23) The Name of the Wind         PastedGraphic21.8VMq2gHDitBK.jpg
24) Beyond the Shadows         PastedGraphic24.wG4bBmdI8OJS.jpg
25) Wrath of a Mad God         PastedGraphic23.zjRHeClxGFG2.jpg
26) Creating Web Sites         PastedGraphic25.pLsT14FzYQQs.jpg
27) Rides a Dread Legion        PastedGraphic26.3NxIj1n0vBkx.jpg
28) Pay the Piper         PastedGraphic27.wmkaCMXearDo.jpg
29) No Quarter         PastedGraphic28.nrFiRoTfFSkm.jpg
30) The War of Knives         PastedGraphic29.ry2zPsMCFFRM.jpg
31) Chivalry is Dead         PastedGraphic30.KEY2N0DDAh03.jpg
32) Self-Editing for Fiction Writers         PastedGraphic32.QcnZ56qYYiCa.jpg
33) Before they are Hanged         PastedGraphic31.eETqSg7XhWv3.jpg
34) Medicus         PastedGraphic34.MFHWWUJg7JZn.jpg
35) Persona Non Grata         PastedGraphic33.3E3L7j7bv0nX.jpg
36) Hussar in Winter         PastedGraphic35.TGYXjKkA65pg.jpg
37) A Conspiracy of Paper         PastedGraphic36.mDINBBRxMRzx.jpg
38) A Spectacle of Corruption         PastedGraphic38.12dClG6Jh9J7.jpg
39) The Devil’s Company         PastedGraphic37.0Ux8nEocy7i9.jpg
40) New Spring         PastedGraphic40.hQLxw5Pbsfep.jpg
41) Ring for Tomb Service         PastedGraphic39.vqsSUbVABLNy.jpg
42) The Eye of the World         PastedGraphic42.bDqu5ElWk39i.jpg
43) The Great Hunt         PastedGraphic41.R2RTTAmggne2.jpg
44) The Dragon Reborn         PastedGraphic44.10GPbXlMrhOx.jpg
45) My Life in France         PastedGraphic43.ivRyV4yaKpZ0.jpg
46) Wellington’s Generals         PastedGraphic45.sAh8hWZHGL26.jpg
47) The Shadow Rising         PastedGraphic46.ABcFA1fuaCuG.jpg
48) The Fires of Heaven         PastedGraphic47.wjWIR0DBvAce.jpg
49) Lord of Chaos         PastedGraphic48.3hUtEbJl8pbY.jpg
50) A Crown of Swords         PastedGraphic50.XzvNX9ngI19T.jpg
51) The Path of Daggers         PastedGraphic49.jKz5ZHLfK8xz.jpg
52) Winter’s Heart         PastedGraphic52.KGvkvPA64fq7.jpg
53) Crossroads of Twilight         PastedGraphic51.5bo6dWTZ3PIf.jpg
54) Knife of Dreams         PastedGraphic53.kbIpedSH15iL.jpg
55) Storm from the Shadows         PastedGraphic54.srKLUdzELC7I.jpg
56) By Heresies Distressed         PastedGraphic55.vuqNeQ20gjFW.jpg
57) Victory of Eagles         PastedGraphic56.7rpIH7vm7mEj.jpg
58) Into the Storm         PastedGraphic58.htukkkJERD8P.jpg
59) Relentless         PastedGraphic57.RcmgQDKW8cDh.jpg
60) The Gathering Storm         PastedGraphic59.IbF6AihM5eSZ.jpg
61) Vimeiro 1808         PastedGraphic61.nXdMW54v7BaO.jpg
62) The Blind Side         PastedGraphic60.gONwgqx7btgJ.jpg
63) Crusade         PastedGraphic62.pJnPdH8Ok1Bu.jpg
64) The Alchemist’s Apprentice         PastedGraphic64.amLJg4GFEBRi.jpg
65) The Eagle in The Sand         PastedGraphic63.0ps3cmCW01J2.jpg
66) The Scourge of God         PastedGraphic65.Q4yRsrxgTKF3.jpg

My Gratitude Log for the year:

  1. Cheryl-P1000802.uWsMggjO9T86.jpg A horrible year would have been made unbearable if not for Cheryl.
  2. Writing- This has kept be sane this year. I hope that 2400 pages will account for something in 2010 but it did occupy my time and I think has been worthwhile. As the entry devoted to writing shows, I have worked on 8 books this year, 2 science fictions, 4 fantasies, 1 historical novel, and 1 regency romance.
  3. Friends and Family-DSCN1497.zFNfGa3ENde9.jpg DSCN1541.uoNcbjnkhmJB.jpg 20091213_Wilkin_IMG_0867.YoK89sJlOcjC.jpg We had our losses and our weddings this year. We had a big family reunion and lots of good parties. Friends moved and others had wonderful occasions.
  4. Pets–DSCN1481.GKXCtwR9NeuR.jpgDSCN1482.WnWJi7kHxiU8.jpgDSCN1774.MI4QHqeIqIno.jpgP1010042.W0qfpzdp0Zft.jpg our little family grew by a turtle and two cats… We inherited Flash from Cheryl’s father, then picked up Mefistofolees, and Licorice.
  5. Apple Computer-1__%23%24%21%40%25%21%23__PastedGraphic.JdlxcWOnnS5T.jpg1__%23%24%21%40%25%21%23__PastedGraphic2.Kn865UenqsGw.jpgAlmost every day there is something that makes using these machines better and better and gets me access to things I need and want more easily and more quickly.

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So today is the official end of the writing cycle month for me. Since it would be the normal day for a Brea Borders Writers Group meeting. But as it is the holiday, we are not meeting. It is a time to reflect on accomplishments since last month. Space Mine’s first draft was finished this month. It came in at nearly 98K words. It had a long rambling finish. But the finish revealed something, sure the mission could eventually be done, but the project would never finish. There is always tomorrow Tara… There will always be threats, and there will always be a need to respond to it. Ever vigilant, but plan to go forward.

Then Colonel Pen started, Pen for Pennington. I wrote through the first scene rather quick, and had that well thought out it, trying to establish our background for the character. But then there was not as much fire as before. I was writing my 1500 words a day, then by the end of the week I was writing nothing. With the first two weeks as I finished the Space novel, I was writing a lot more than 1500 words a day. Some days over 3000.

Pennington had no solid voice for me yet, the technical part of what I want to portray not too clear. But that picked up. I have over 23K now for Pennington in two weeks. Total for June is over 51K nearly 13K a week average. Not as good as April and May, but well over my goal of 30K.

I edited up to a third of Graces’ first draft and have those changes into the computer. I posted my short story from the 1632 entries. It was voted to be adopted for the Granteville Gazette. It was taken by them, then the editors lost it. I being trusting thought these people were nice and honorable. They weren’t and it shows in their writing these days. Even in the stuff Baen is pushing in hardback. Some of the stuff is just drek that you are paying a lot of money for and in reading the reviews, I can see that my feelings are shared. Eric Flint and I were at UCLA in the history program at the same time. He was a Graduate student there when I was there. He has let his beast develope into the many headed hydra and can’t say no. So you have a society that technology stops cold when they transition. Laptops circa 2000 can no longer be produced.

Generating electricity for them is not possible outside of certain areas so when one arrives a few years later in Venice, has any of these writers used a laptop. Those batteries drain away to nothing so that you have to plug the thing in. Then an hour later if you still had a battery you would have to recharge. Sure a laptop would be great, but it would be as good as a refrigerator without electricity. The Granteville world has a lot of writers that Eric is encouraging with no clue like that. I love the Ballet one. Here you have a world that is surrounded all around by war and struggling to make ends meet. And the failed dance teacher who writes these stories thinks that you can put together a cultural show of ballet and make a money making company right in the middle of everything. I had to suspend my disbelief. (But still couldn’t do it.)

The tangents that have gone on are ridiculous. The only stuff that really does make sense are the items Eric and David Weber write. But even then it has problems. Making an airplane… Once the people from the future can do it, the people from the past are going to be able to copy it and get their own into production too? They will need many scientists and engineers to figure things out, there should be years (decades) between. Advantage america, but that doesn’t happen.

So seeing those inconsistencies, is what I tried to address in Space Mine. It has to be a logical extension of the ability to mine the Asteroids from where we are now.

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So the week has started and I started up again for the week. Achieving my daily goals.

I am doing my research so the early part of the story doesn’t have as much research, but focuses on back story to a certain In the meantime since starting the weblogs in earnest I have finished 2 books bringing my total to 9. I found that Tranquility HIlton does not exist in digital form in my files, so I am scanning that into the computer, along with digitizing my parents slides, I have done 500+ in the last 2 days.

I also edited some more of Graces, now finished four chapters and entering that into the computer.

Here is the first few words of the new story.

Young Jack

The boys were well dressed in their rugged clothes. A groomsman followed but he was more interested in making time with the young nurse who had their charge then actually ensuring that the boys did not get too messy. From past discovery, the boys could get into all sorts of scrapes, come back with their hair full of leaves, faces besmirched with mud, and their breeches town and shredded, but a half hour in the kitchen, and they would be as good as if they were newborns.
Michael George Bartholomew Pennington, was the older by two years, just seven. His brother Jack, John St. John Pennington, was the real troublesome one. He was only an inch shorter than his elder brother, who looked just a little corpulent. Tall and wiry at five and able to have two maids repair his clothing at least once each week, was sure signs that the lad was on the road to trouble. The grooms father had achieved his post and that of his sons by serving with the Earl in the Colonial fiasco. The nurse was the daughter of a rector somewhere in the east part of the country, but she liked his looks at the boys seemed to get further along.
All new the area of this part of the estate well. Their was a quiet patch as the river widened here, surrounded by trees on this side, but with a path that led to a small jetty. The Earl had put a small rowboat there, and given the boys rods. There were no fish, too speak of just there so at times when he took his sons in the boat, the earl would have a couple of the hands put fish into the river a little out of sight so the boys might catch something. In other parts of the estate there was good fishing, but that was too far for the boys to adventure.
“Jack… I’m stuck.”
The younger boy sighed. Michael was never able to get over the branch at that one yew tree. Never. He always needed help.
“Very well, I don’t know why you just can’t crawl under.” Jack had no problem climbing over the branch. He never got stuck.
“Rosie says not to dirty my knees so…” Rosie was the maid who washed them when they came back to the house with mud, unless their mother did. Everyone said the Countess shouldn’t be doing that, but she said she loved her two dirty boys. Unless she called them her two little potatoes. Jack thought that was because Nurse said Potatoes grew in the mud.
“Here when I get under, you push…” Jack maneuvered to behind his brother and put his shoulder under his brothers bottom. Then heaved.
“Oof.” Michael said as he slid through the branches. “Better, thank you Jack.”
“Sure. But next time, crawl under.” Neither of the boys thought that they could go around, that would not have been as much fun. It also wasn’t the most direct route to their boat. They went to their boat often. It was the most fun that they thought they had. Though they had many other adventures. Their grandmother was at the house, though she called the house a castle, and it was best to avoid her. She wanted them to be studying in the nursery and asked them all sorts of nonsense questions, like where was Africa? Or how many Peers there were.

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There has been progress and today should be the wrap up of Space Mine’s first draft. I just did a page count check and it comes in at 319 pages, 96K words. So far in four days this week we are just over 10K words. 26.5 K for the month so way ahead of goal.

Space Mine finishes the first draft at 97,915. Finished 1800+ today. Uploaded videos to YouTube for Time Commanders Have written 12K for the week, 28K for the month

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Opened the mail and the first Unemployment check is in. Yahoo!

Went to the mall yesterday, it was quite, to get my watches repaired, I have 3 that needed batteries, and my eye pad in my glasses fixed. Very successful. Got to eat a nice healthy salad then fried up (in olive oil) some Tilapia for dinner.

Worked some more the last few days on the Time Commanders site. And have been writing in Space Mine. So where am I… The Last chapter which has six scenes. Finished scenes 1 and 2 already today. (4 more to go)

As of today, the numbers, 90K plus for the book, last week 16295, Monday, 2184 and Tuesday so far 2138. So ahead of my daily 1500 word goal, over halfway for the month (2/3rds) already and the month has lots more days in it.

Digitizing photos for the parents…

Just wished mom had me in better clothes, but I guess the sixties were like this for everyone.

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Searched for my OmniPage licenses today so I could install version 12 on the Windows emulation side of the computer. Since I have the scanner attached for digitizing, which I now have done 14 boxes of slides for my folks, I can digitize Tranquillity Hilton. I finished the edit of chapter 3 in Graces and now have to type it into the computer copy. I am on Chaper 15 now of Space Mine. My intention is that this is the penultimate chapter. I think I may be able to hold to that.

Today, the 5th day since Brea Borders, I am at 12.8K The goal of 1500 words a day was to be at 7500 so beyond that. I did 3000 yesterday and nearly 1700 today. We’ll see how much ground I cover over the weekend,

Also loaded my Corel which again involved a hunt for licenses. I use to be anal about this writing the license# on the CD jacket. I have to get back into the habit of that.

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