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138418 Words. But Finis!
The Prize is not as Great as You Think is done.
Started three weeks ago on a Monday so 22 days.
Now the month has over 94K words, 316 pages. The year to date nearly 300,000 words and nearly 1000 pages

The next novel shall be a return to Regency England and I think centered around the developing of railways

Here is chapter 5’s beginning of the novel as a sample

5) My Son is Dead

Being escorted into the Grand Prince’s drawing room was a first for Gerald. He had never been to this part of the Celebont Palace before. Usually it was enter through the main gate and the main hall. Up the stairs and then into the large room there, the main throne room. Athelstan had told him there were three throne rooms and that his father used them all and for a variety of reasons.

Athelstan was there to meet him at the station and instead of protesting, he accepted the man’s company. Now there was a guard detail and after a moments discussion, Sir David and Sergeant Phillipe were tasked with picking our men to complement the guard. Sir David was told to have ten more men then guard contingent.

“Cousin,” he had said to Athelstan. “I requested some information, is there anyone here who has it?”

Athelstan looked and shook his head, “I am sorry but I do not know of any information, highness.”

Gerald then turned to the Captain of the man who was to be in charge of his guard. “Captain, who was responsible for the Guard detail when Prince Reginald was killed?”

“Not I!” the man, a Baron of course, said. Gladdes was one of the nobility, a little overweight from eating good food, and doing little to earn his place as a Captain.

“I did not say you were in charge. Was it the Guard? Another one of these units?”

“Well yes,” the man was still indignant.

“Then my men here from the first cavalry will augment this unit. Now, I have requested information all afternoon about the murder of the prince. Do you have it?”

“No. I don’t know anything about that. I have orders to take you to the Celebont Palace.”

Gerald shook his head. He was getting angry. “Captain Krabe is my aide. Captain will you provide this captain with a list of all the information I have required.” Turning back to the Guard Captain, “Your orders now are to get me this information and attend me at the Celebont Palace when you have it. I expect it to take you no more than a half hour, for you have been here in the Capital and I have been waiting for news or traveling all day. I think that is fair.”

“You can not be serious!” the man exploded again.

“Highness! Stand up straight you shit of a man! I should have you courtmartialed for your insolence. How many times did you not address me by title? Do you even know? And to suggest that I am not serious, are you fool!”

“You can’t order me. Highness,” he said through gritted teeth.

Gerald sent one glance to Athelstan.

“He can you know.” All others now turned their eyes to Athelstan. “He is the second in command of all Almondy’s forces. Only the Grand Prince outranks him. Any order you have received from anyone lower is automatically overridden by an order from the Crown Prince. As long as he has done his training in the army and is over twenty-one. His Highness is all that, Captain. I would suggest you follow his orders. Oh and show him some respect which you have not done yet, Captain.”

“Now Captain, I see that Captain Krabe has the list. Half an hour. The Celebont Palace. I should not stand there waiting, your time is disappearing.” Gerald said then turned to Sir David. “How long to get the mounts all assembled for your guards, ten minutes?”

“Less highness. We shall be ready in five!” Sir David nodded and then turned to his team and was making orders, looking for the Guard lieutenant who was there and discussing the route they were going to take. There was a crowd in front of the station as well but Gerald was ignoring it

“Athelstan, cousin, what do I do next?”

“Well highness we take you to the Celebont Palace. There you will meet my father. He is grieving though. Terribly. He will require that you are invested soon as Crown Prince, but I think we will have your Coronation not too much later. Yesterday he was a robust man, now he is broken, and he has not been well either. We probably will have the funeral for Reginald, in six days. Already word has been sent to the crowned heads of europe and Presidents and Premiers to attend the funeral. I do not know how many will come unless they can stay and attend the Investiture of you as Crown Prince as well soon. They will want to meet you. And the way you handled that pompous piece of work, they will especially want to meet you. A Crown Prince with a firm resolve. It shall make many of them nervous.”

Waving the others nearby away, “You were the one who gave me the inspiration for that. You have been saying that we have to show the foreign elements some backbone else they will walk all across us. We have a better rail system here then Germany and France and that so helped Germany in the last war. Now we need leadership as well and then they will think twice about attacking us. Then we can be the deciding factor of any war they start. Or convince them that they should not include us in their folly this time.”

“Oh very good. You listen. Reginald never did. I should have looked at that list you sent the Captain after. Anything that I can tell you?”

“Yes. How did Reginald die?” Athelstan nodded then and began to tell him. Out riding in the countryside to an assignation with a lady from one of the taverns he frequented. Reginald had one or two houses that he used for a tryst, he had a small squad of Guard with him. Several bombs were thrown and this time he was killed, along with one of the guards. Most of the others were wounded.

Athelstan had heard that what was left of Reginald was not pretty. But he was dead and the anarchists were claiming credit. “How do they do that? They can’t just walk up to a Constable and say they’re an anarchist and someone from their organization threw a bomb.”

“No. They send a letter with some details that only those who did throw the bomb would know because the constables don’t tell everything. The letter is usually addressed to Lord Hermes who father has as Minister for the Homeland.”

“The Chief of the Chief Constable.” Gerald said and that was indeed the man’s position too. Though he covered several other portfolios that had to do with the running of the country.

“I have a great deal of reading to catch up on if I am to take over from your father. Though we have had so many conversations these last years, I am not sure that we are not ready for some other type of government. If your father can hold up, then perhaps I can be the last Crown Prince and we can make the Grand Prince more of a ceremonial position rather than one where radical should like to throw bombs at us.”

Athelstan smiled and then said, “Best you don’t say that any louder or to anyone but me. We need to work on this but you are right, we have talked about changing the government. I think that too many are reluctant to change the status quo.”

“Of course. We can only talk to those who know they stand to gain. I would not tell another farmer that he had to drop the price of milk he charged unless he was sure he was going to get something greater for it elsewhere. No I understand. Come, Sir David has the horses ready. I fear we are about to gallop all the way to the Palace.”

Athelstan looked at him in surprise. “I have a carriage…”

“Come cousin. I go to your father who is as you’ve said in a terrible way. We are to hurry. Much of the day has been wasted already.”

Athelstan should have seen the two men with rifles approaching him but he did not. He did feel them nudge him. “Stop that. He is the son of the Grand Prince.” Even I they treated him like a bastard, he was still much higher in rank then they ever should be.

Finally they were on horseback and Sir David and his men were leading to the south street that would take them almost to the gates of the palace without any twists and not overly crowded for here were homes and smaller shops not open at night. Though most shops were closed at this hour but for restaurants and places of entertainment.

At the gallop it took less than ten minutes to advance up the hill though the horses were tired. The guards at the palace gates passed them through quickly and then Athelstan and a few others were taking Gerald to see the Grand Prince.

Gratitude Log

  1. IslandsIslands-2011-02-22-11-13.jpg Took Cheryl here for Valentines day and then when California Pizza Kitchen had us wait a half hour for our table and then there was another half hour on top of that (The Liars) we went again for her birthday. Great Hamburgers.
  2. GameDeciderGameDecider-MemberHomePage-2011-02-22-11-13.jpgHave begun work with this website for gamers. Should have a weekly blog that I will be reposting here.
  3. YouTubeYouTube-dwilliamwilkin_sYouTube-2011-02-22-11-13.jpg So much is placed here that one day you will never have time for series television. In the last two years, going from no time watching videos to how many hours a week? How much of the internet bandwidth is taken up by YT?
  4. Shogun 2 Total War-PastedGraphic-2011-02-22-11-13.jpg The newest part of the Total War Franchise was released as a demo. Very much buzzed by all Total War gamers. Can’t wait to have my PC rig set up again one day and get it.
  5. Amazon PrimeAmazon.com_OnlineShoppingforElectronics%2CApparel%2CComputers%2CBooks%2CDVDs%26more-2011-02-22-11-13.jpg Streaming Movies. Downton Abbey here I come.

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