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The Shattered Mirror TSMFrontJPEG-2011-08-16-09-36.jpg and Colonel Fitzwilliam’s Correspondence PastedGraphic-2011-08-16-09-36.jpg are both published and selling at various outlets.

Both can be had in trade paperback. And they are both available as ebooks at as many of the outlets on the web as I can get them to. However, the only place anyone is buying them is Amazon for their Kindles? Why is that? Has Kindle really sold that many more units than other devices? Certainly there are more iPads out there then Kindle’s now.

I think it has to do with the storefront. The iBookstore needs a great deal of work to make it as user friendly to find what you are looking for as the Kindle. Or as Amazon where with the push of a button, you get sent your book. Perhaps the iTunes way of selling music does not translate to selling books. Well certainly with my books it does not. That is something that Apple really should look at. They get a piece of every book of mine they sell, through there store, and Amazon just got smart enough to deny them a piece of every book they sell to an iPad/iPhone/iPod user.

Apple used to not be greedy, but something has taken over in the C-Suite there and they make some pretty stupid statements that will stifle some growth instead of give us more power down here at the user level. The cut of 30% of everything sold seems to be part of it.

Should they get a distribution fee for magazine subscriptions? Should they have control over the info of that subscriber? Should they get a cut of a book that is purchased when I am looking at Kindle Reader on my iPhone?

Those points are whole philosophies. And well worth the discussion. Amazon sells a book for $10 promising $7 less a few pennies for the size of the file, to the author. They now have $3 for themselves, but that is exactly the 30% that Apple wants. If Apple wanted 30% of what Amazon share was, then I see that as something that was in the realm of negotiation. What is Amazon doing but giving a page or two to marketing of the book, and some bytes and electricity to delivering That is worth 70% of their 30%. Apple is providing the customer, always worth a finder’s fee. Typically 10% of the initial sale, which is right around that 30% of the 30% that Amazon was keeping.

The Last Bites Phenomena
As of this morning, my clear winner for sales for the month of August is Colonel Fitzwilliam’s Correspondence PastedGraphic-2011-08-16-09-36.jpg. In fact I am having the best sales ever and I have not really been advertising or twisting arms to generate these sales. I believe the Austenites of the world are finding my book and buying it. Mostly for their kindles. (Of 36 sales to date for August, 34 sales of my work are for the ubiquitous Kindle) I sell ebooks, or rather Regency Assembly Press sells them in 3 varieties, and I label them so:
A Taste
Last Bites

A Taste is the first four chapters, Last Bites are the remaining chapters, a much bigger section of the story. Complete I hope is self explanatory. Last Bites, that part of the story without the first four chapters, is outselling the complete version four to 1 and, people are not purchasing enough Tastes to make up for what they are missing. I hope that my readers see that I have disclaimers and labels to show that there are 3 versions to purchase. I hope they will come and purchase the first four chapters.

It is a conundrum though. Will this turn readers off, or do they think that by avoiding those chapters they get into the action more quickly. I hope that any reader missing the first four chapters will come get them at the Kindle Page

Lord and Key
As June started, and July rolled along, and finally here in August, I had been prepping the two books above for publication, and also writing my newest work, which I call Lord and Key. My romance formula, but set in the time of Edwardian England, at the death of Edward and the knowledge that war may be on the way.

Never a pleasant thought, and certainly not something that rational men can always avert. That is part of the premise of my story. There are misunderstandings, as well as characters flawed and imperfect, all seeing if they can be in love, as well as prepare for what is to come. I finished the first draft last weekend and now have to move on to something else.

New Story
I pulled out Starship Troopers,1__%252524%252521%252540%252521__PastedGraphic-2011-08-16-09-36.jpg the movie a few days ago and was thinking very much of what my next book was to be. I really have been thinking of a murder mystery set in 1990’s LA around a character who is a Magician. I had this great book in the 70’s about magic and that is one of the research items I think I need. But back to ST. I’m not ready to write the murder mystery just yet.

So with my Novella Short format, I thought of starting on my SCi-Fi Five, which I had planned to be what was being written at this time in any case. A gutsy Figther Pilot on his way to CAG. So a little Wing CommanderPastedGraphic1-2011-08-16-09-36.jpg, Battlestar Galactica PastedGraphic2-2011-08-16-09-36.jpgand Starship Troopers. We’ll see if I can get this right.

New New Story thoughts and reflections
Sales of my Jane Austen sequel though have me thinking a little differently. Perhaps I should write some 40K word, $2.99 Austenite continuations to augment my sales. It seems to work.

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Just over a month since my last update but that does not mean I have not been actively writing.

I have been. I haven’t been editing and that is something I have to return to. Especially on the Shattered Mirror TSMFrontJPEG-2011-05-28-08-00.jpg. I need to get this book out there.

What I have been writing is the Troll series and currently I am on Book 5, the last book in the lives of Humphrey and Gwendolyn Cutter. Being my age, I have a great deal more perspective on the stages of life. Those that ShakespearePastedGraphic-2011-05-28-08-00.jpg saw and wrote down in As You Like It.

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players:
They have their exits and their entrances;
And one man in his time plays many parts,
His acts being seven ages. At first the infant,
Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms.
And then the whining school-boy, with his satchel
And shining morning face, creeping like snail
Unwillingly to school. And then the lover,
Sighing like furnace, with a woeful ballad
Made to his mistress’ eyebrow. Then a soldier,
Full of strange oaths and bearded like the pard,
Jealous in honour, sudden and quick in quarrel,
Seeking the bubble reputation
Even in the cannon’s mouth. And then the justice,
In fair round belly with good capon lined,
With eyes severe and beard of formal cut,
Full of wise saws and modern instances;
And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts
Into the lean and slipper’d pantaloon,
With spectacles on nose and pouch on side,
His youthful hose, well saved, a world too wide
For his shrunk shank; and his big manly voice,
Turning again toward childish treble, pipes
And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.

But that is book 5. Since it has been a month it is time to share with you the opening of Book 3, Trolling for Dah Bears. Of course there are bears, but they are off camera at the moment. I should bring them back on camera. Just as in the Wizard of Oz, Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my, I set up Trolls and Giants and Dragons, oy vey. Well not the Yiddishkeit. So far in the series in books one and two we saw Trolls, so naturally we have to go forward to Giants and Dragons at some time.

Trolling for Dah Bears explores Giants.

Chapter 1

“Have I mentioned how proud I am of our family lately?” Humphrey said. It was good to hear him talk that way. Now if he would say that he still found her desirable, she would be even better pleased.

“I think perhaps you have. Yesterday you were saying how the older boys were doing so well in arms training. That they would be better than you have ever been. And that gave you a sense of accomplishment,” she said. They had three boys, Daniel and Kenneth, the two oldest of their children and then the youngest child, still a babe really, Charles. Their two daughters, Millie and Bea came between Kenneth and Charles and those two girls already had older boys sniffing around thinking of things all young boys thought of.

Every senior officer helped Humphrey and her older sons keep track of her daughters virtue. Gwendolyn had no worries there.

“Well I’m damned if I don’t say it enough,” Humphrey said. He had done well since they had returned from Mah Wee with little Daniel. Humphrey was angered that all the men he had taken to the foreign kingdom had not survived, but that was the lot of a soldier. King William had not lived either, but his successor, King James Lemmons had done quite well. They had to live there two years after the birth of their son, so that the Talisman of Saint David and Great King Adam could be taken up into Teantellen and ensure that no Trolls were to come against Mah Wee, but it had been two good years once King James had been crowned.

He and Humphrey were as close as two men separated by an impassable mountain range could be. While the sea lanes were opened each year, the two corresponded regularly and the Cutter brood had returned to Mah Wee three times since, with King James traveling to Torahn twice himself.

Humphrey was now a member of the Council of Twenty-One which ruled Torahn. Her father had retired and now spent most of his time at a small estate outside of the city. Gwendolyn ran his business interests since Humphrey was also the commanding General of all the armies of Torahn, now over ninety thousand men, Elves and Dwarves. It would probably be over a hundred thousand soldiers within another two years. One of the last things Lord Faireweather had done as First was to take an accurate census of the Valley Kingdom as well as find out more about their many neighbors on this side of the continent.

The other kingdoms on the Western side of the continent were not as populous, though some were very close. But proportionately they all had more soldiers in their armies. It had been many years, over twenty, since Humphrey was a simple woodcutter and part of the militia system that had replaced the full standing army when Torahn had gotten rid of its kings. The system that the Council of Twenty-One had manipulated to fill their pockets with gold and silver and leave the country woefully unsecured against enemies. Enemies such as the Trolls that had vaulted her husband, and herself to prominence amongst the people of the Valley Kingdom.

None were more respected in Torahn for what they had achieved during those years. A time that many still remembered. Now though it was with some warmth, since the terrible sacrifices of the Troll Wars were long gone. Yet others would never forget the losses their families had suffered in the wars. Gwendolyn’s father had become First of the Council then. Now many thought it foolish that the Council of Twenty-One had reverted to the old ways of governance without a First. The ways that had given rise to insecurity amongst almost all of Torahn.

Gwendolyn and her father had been crafty enough to use the respect that the populace held for the Faireweathers and Cutters to ensure that when Lord Faireweather put aside the reins of leadership his son by marriage was there to take his seat on the Council. Her father had aged rapidly the last few years of his stewardship of the Valley Kingdom. But once he and mother had retired to their estate, he had become a different man. His cares were lifted and he relaxed. He said what he looked forward to most was those days when his grandchildren visited.

“My you are a fine looking woman. I probably do not say that enough as well. Though I must own that I think it often. And you have bourne five children now. Many other ladies who have carried less do not have near the beauty or figure that you do, my dear.” There, he said it and she smiled. Not that Gwendolyn believed Humphrey aware that she needed such compliments, but she did work hard to maintain her looks, not only for him, but for those in the Valley Kingdom of Torahn who thought to envision her as the first woman of the country. She was sure her waist was larger by two inches at least since they had married, and she never would discuss how her backside had increased in size.

“Thank you husband. So, the council is once more at an impasse?”

“Yes, of course. Tor stands with me, though you had said he would not. But Whelan and Jaston lead those against us. I thrust old William forward to fight Trolls in Mah Wee. Should have done the same with Pete Jaston when I had the chance.” King William died then. If Pete Jaston had as well, it might have been fortunate for the citizens of Torahn. The death of King William and his being replaced by King James Lemmons certainly had benefited those of Mah Wee.

“Yes, you should have. He has proved untrustworthy since you sent him packing from the Troll War. He is a coward and has never forgiven you for embarrassing him then. Even when it costs him, he will go out of his way to do you a disservice,” Gwendolyn said. At first she thought it was a phase of Pete Jaston. For his father and her’s were great friends on the Council. Even Pete would work with Lord Faireweather, just against Humphrey. One day she would have to crush the man. Something that she knew how to do well, though she did not think that the men on the Council thought she was capable of such actions. They certainly did not think Humphrey so, else they would fear him more. He did command the most armed men in the realm.

“Well, it is too late now. He means to thwart any motion I propose, though should one of our allies propose some new item and not I, he will back it. Perhaps if we need his vote, that is what I must do in the years to come,” Humphrey found a way to work around the problem. He did not like confronting these things in the Council for he might lose his temper. The other councillors were afraid of the General when he did lose his temper. Things seemed to happen then.

“What was the issue, the rice imports? That they want to maintain a tariff twice what we need, and the money that comes from it goes to a few companies improving the sewers and the water lines?” She knew very well what was at stake. They wanted 3 silvers for each ton of rice that was imported. Then half of the money was collected on such imports was more than was needed to ensure that the rice was good quality by inspectors the Council employed. That extra money had been allocated to a company to maintain the sewers of Torahn, and also the water supply. Two companies that eight councillors had their hands in the ownership of.

Two companies that seemed to be more efficient in prior years, doing more with less funding. An audit, Gwendolyn was sure, would reveal that a great deal of money was taken out of the companies by the owners and what was left was barely enough to do the jobs that the companies were tasked to do. Corruption on a grand scale.

“One day. One day I will turn my mind and my own men to seeing what occurs there.” An army that approached one hundred thousand men had several officers and men adept at auditing as well. Men whose honor Humphrey trusted for he and others knew that such a large group could also allow the burgeoning of corruption. When it was found, those responsible, if they were soldiers, were flogged. It discouraged the practice.

“That will do us all well. I have been thinking husband,” she began and saw the look on his face turn to one of shock. He always looked that way for usually her thoughts meant a great deal of work for him. She continued, “The parts of Teantellen that grew hot. Did not the Elves tell us that the Dragons and Giants would leave them, and of course we know the Trolls did as well. Does that mean that they are not inhabited by any creatures?”

She had been speaking to Jokazai, the Dwarf companion of her husband who now lived in their household. He did not drill with the soldiers like Bahgdahnzai did each day and now lived amongst the family as a tutor for the children. He insisted that Dwarven legend held that there were ways to cross Teantellen, and not underground in the realm of the Dwarves. Trails in the mountains that the other races had used at one time.

For the progress for the year, well I hope to get between 90 and 100,000 words for May. I have fallen a little behind with moving and unboxing. To date we are at 560,000 words and hope to be at 600,000 by the end of next week.

By the end of next week, should have the first draft of the last of the Trolling series down, and will start work on an Edwardian Romance. I wanted to do more Ruritanian Romances, so if I see a way to transform this, I might. Currently it will be Edwardian just at 1910/1911. The Last Peer that Edward VII creates.

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Two weeks into the year, I had a heart attack. it is hard to remember what my goal for the year was then, but I think perhaps it was to write 1,000,000 words for the year. At the end of the first two weeks though, i was on target for 1.5 having written 30K each week.

The heart attack changed that, as too did other events of the year. Bankruptcy, losing our house, trying to find a new house. These all took away from the task and pleasure of writing. The year ended though with having written 1,306,711 words. Over 25,000 words each week, and 108,000 words each month. I make no predictions about the next year. I need to pursue a day job as soon as we move and find a place to live.

My writing will be cut I am sure then.

I edited also this year, readying books. The Shattered Mirror is done and just awaiting a final copy edit from my friend Melinda before it goes to publication.

The End of The World PastedGraphic.5bLsW6Hc6HZk.jpg was published and has 93 sales through Regency Assembly Press

My total word count is now 3,190,404

Writing and where we are at, what I have accomplished:

Amount of writing, number of words, number of pages

Book Title
Words written in 2010
# of Pages
Born to Grace II, The Turmoil
The Shattered Mirror (A Regency Romance)
Beggars Can’t Be Choosier (A Regency Romance)
Two Peas in a Pod (A Regency Romance)
Terra’s Birthright
Steam and Thunder
Tempest and Sword
Succession Crisis
The Three Lastoleers
You Ought to Trust Your Mother (A Regency Romance)
By the Book
KoTohLan II-Hoveria 100,013 333

Total                        1,306,711        4,356

Synopsis of the Books Written

Born to Grace 2 The Turmoil

This is part of a trilogy, the Born to Grace series. Here Caradoc the son of a duke, third in line to his father’s title starts the series as a squire to a prince of his realm. Now, after adventures in the first book, he is becoming a battle general. A very good one. Also a very good fighter. At his side an effective magus and they help defend their realm which at the start of the book is doing it’s best to help it’s neighbor settle a civil war.

By the end of the book they will be involved in their own civil war as relations of the king try to take power.

The Shattered Mirror (A Regency Romance)

Our hero is a retired sea-captain, wounded in the Napoleonic conflict and our heroine is having her first London season. The war is over and our heroine looks forward to meeting all sorts of eligible men who have been away fighting the war. Little does she realize that the best man she meets is the broken sea-captain that she had grown up near.

Beggars Can’t Be Choosier (A Regency Romance)

Our hero is a near penniless as a lord can be. Wishing to make a name for himself in politics, but not able to find 100 pounds a year to live on with estates rented to pay off debts that his family has incurred. Into his life comes a very rich heiress who has no status, but tremendous wealth. They strike a deal to join together and each shall realize their dreams of status and a political life before they shall part.

Two Peas in a Pod (A Regency Romance)

Two identical brothers return to London society from Waterloo not wishing to do more then rest from years of war. Little do they realize that their lives shall be turned upside down by a pretty smile. Except the one they wish to see they fear is meant for the other and as they switch places with each other, confusion ensues.

Terra’s Birthright

Expanding to the stars, mankind is controlled by the richest planets. This is fine until the colonies begin to think they should have a say also. Someone, on some planet, will be the vote that starts and avalanche of changing how mankind governs itself, or how it will still be governed. Dealing with those concepts in the future as we have dealt with them in the past, is what is explored here.

Steam and Thunder

The first of a duology, what happens if the steam engine was invented in a time period similar to Henry the II? Will the neighboring countries sit still for such technological advances? Will the nobility be quiet as their lands are denuded of men seeking a better life and working in the factories where this new tech is used?

Tempest and Sword

The second book of the duology, we see how those citizens now think they should have some say in their lives. How still the neighbors have issue with one country possessing the technology that advances them further than anyone else.

Succession Crisis

In a world where we see the crisis like Henry VIII to Edward VI. Here though the regents will be out to carve up the kingdom and even have a hand in the kings death, as we see the world through the heir’s eyes and worry that his head won’t be long on his shoulders should the regents have their way. The neighboring countries also want to ensure that the country our hero will rule does not grow powerful and divided regents or a young king is an opportunity to break the kingdom.

The Three Lastoleers (Star Musketeers)

What if the universe, several millenia from now adopts the very essence of Dumas’ France of the 3 Musketeers? What if we see our favorite characters in space?

You Ought to Trust Your Mother (A Regency Romance)

For NaNoWriMo 2010, a regency focusing on a young girl of great beauty realizing that man do not see her other qualities until she meets a lord who she really thinks misses her essence. The truth is he sees her better than any other and our heroine’s mother believes him to be an excellent match. What young girl wants to trust her mother in such things.

By The Book

Not wanting to be a warrior, and not wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps, our hero is stuck, for he is good at being a warrior. He knows though he could be better and reads about it. He reads ancient tomes and adapts those thoughts to his own situations. He writes these down to help train his friends to be better at warfare and they are. Good enough that the local lords see it and through all their success, our hero advances to lead the armies, though his hatred of war is ever growing.

KoTohLan II-Hoveria

This is part of a seven book series. The first was written in 2009. Here the idea is that the gods saw many years before our current events that the ruling dynasty they favored had those who would destroy it from within as well as without. They hid our hero with the aid of some influential people from those who took over. Now the hero is grown and finds he is the heir of the old dynasty. The empire of 7 kingdoms also has been crumbling. He is to visit each kingdom, one per book, and do heroic actions that bring the people behind him to reunite the broken empire. This book sees him forming an army in the southern most kingdom. It teaches him to be a general. A skill he will need to build and also gain the loyalty of men for the threats should only continue to grow in the following books.



Books that were read (reviews can be found at David’s Reading List) :

1) Julie & Julia         1__%23%24%21%40%25%21%23__PastedGraphic.hi7PA0WGcYd0.jpg

2) A God in Ruins        PastedGraphic1.kFt9HnI3xfGb.jpg

3) The Fireseed War         1__%23%24%21%40%25%21%23__1__%23%24%21%40%25%21%23__PastedGraphic.A6TS4mlsXOLD.jpg

4)Mrs. Kaputnik’s Pool Hall and Matso Ball Emporium          1__%23%24%21%40%25%21%23__PastedGraphic1.ryOshBpspLml.jpg

5)The Keeper’s Son         PastedGraphic2.LmTOs2YOeWGk.jpg

6) Servant of a Dark God        PastedGraphic3.Cvi6FBZZu5Gj.jpg

7) The Lost Fleet:Victorious        PastedGraphic4.xbraOEX7LvRW.jpg

8) Jane Austen’s Guide to Good Manners        PastedGraphic5.t5WiF8lVbq1l.jpg

9)The Time of Terror        PastedGraphic6.mTxV81qHnbIg.jpg

10)The Art of Digital Photo Painting        PastedGraphic7.bhDFy2ozPwQf.jpg

11) Hidden Empire        PastedGraphic8.fT0C0ldJrIbe.jpg

12)The Red Wolf Conspiracy        PastedGraphic9.dDfudorcGXGY.jpg

13)Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict         PastedGraphic10.1xVNz7XPvMvw.jpg

14)Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict         PastedGraphic11.rbNl8WQY4rdx.jpg

15)A Forest of Stars        PastedGraphic12.myKjoXkXnSih.jpg

16)Horizon Storms        PastedGraphic13.tne7YwaB5YR5.jpg

17) Scattered Suns        PastedGraphic14.i3Xv6L9bUhFv.jpg

18)Of Fire and Night        PastedGraphic15.9iUEr6gIdDtw.jpg

19)Metal Swarm        PastedGraphic16.5qKjEVXICOs9.jpg

20)Maelstrom        PastedGraphic17.bPaiYNscQ1hx.jpg
21)The Ashes of Worlds        PastedGraphic18.J1ud4vLTU7p2.jpg

22)Irons in the Fire        PastedGraphic19.4eNgFM7SCCox.jpg

23)Invasion        PastedGraphic20.B2Qo8BfmtQf3.jpg

24) The Edge of the World         PastedGraphic21.ZjAVDcU8qI86.jpg

25)In the Stormy Red Sky        PastedGraphic22.kz418QrrVJkh.jpg

26) Blood on the Water        PastedGraphic23.6aLHABm8Sfuc.jpg

27) The Accidental Billionaires        PastedGraphic24.2gVwLVskRT8H.jpg

28) Towers of Midnight        PastedGraphic25.bmaKkW5GrHGN.jpg

29)Banner in the Wind         PastedGraphic26.58toKBThKtX9.jpg

30)The House of Durrow Street         PastedGraphic27.yzHUoaeKPYHK.jpg

31) Little Fuzzy         FuzzyPapers%2CThe%3ALittleFuzzyandFuzzySapiens.HIJlb6a1gybg.jpg

32) The Way of Kings        2__%23%24%21%40%25%21%23__PastedGraphic.eq3gBkdibCOr.jpg

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I set this up to be written back in September, a month after the previous update, but i never posted it. Nor did any writing on it.

I have written since then. A great deal it seems, even if I have said not a lot in my blog about it

Since August 19th, what I have written is:

You Ought to Trust Your Mother (NaNoWriMo 2010) Novel-57240 words currently
The Conquest Story-48,448 Currently
Star Musketeers-82,650 words this year, completed first draft, 105K+ words total
The Succession Crisis-124,830 words completed first draft
Tempest and Sword-108,274 words completed first draft

At my august update I was just past 700K words for the year
I am now at 1,060,000+ words for the year

I spoke at another group and this was a little different then the first book group. Here no one had read my novel, while at the first group all had. I like it better when everyone has read my novel. It means that we have something to talk about in common. When i was put out there as a writer and publishing my book, it seems like I was pandering and standing naked in front of them. Not exactly what I wanted. The End of the World PastedGraphic.szeJmRazR5pk.jpg has reached 92 sales, and I hope for more.

Feedback about the story is good. Still working on the copy editor for The Shattered Mirror. Three of the chapters done. As soon as it is all finished it will be virtually ready for publication

You Ought to Trust Your Mother, YOTTYM-1inch.3OKWkulhsWZ7.jpg the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) effort this year is the story of a girl too pretty for her own ambitions, which she in unsure what they are.

Art and a flamboyant lord all play a part in helping her find her path in life and the man she should wed.

Here is an excerpt:


Lord Fallion finished his breakfast and then, after all he had done that morning, waking and attending to his toilette, dressing, and eating, he looked through the windows that framed the room. He noted that they were wet with rain once more. Three days, and winter was supposed to be finished already. Not that he was annoyed. He had spent some considerable time living where it was wet without a house to keep it from his head some few years before. That Ballateer had a sound roof, he was quite pleased with.
Sound everything. Fallion Lancealot Stafford couldn’t fault his father for the way he had left things to him, but two years since his father died and he had become Baron of Tweeddale, and his idleness was choking him. Idleness caused by indecision, if caused by anything at all.
Pushing his plate away, the servant Franks said, “Coffee in the study, my lord?”
“Drawing room today. And I’ll read the papers there. Have James lay a fire if one isn’t already…”
Franks said, “There is one doing quite nicely my lord.” Of course there would be. Despite his attempts to train the staff to economize, since four of five days he was sure he went to his study after he had dined in the morning, it made sense to ready a fire in that room. But as the whim took Fall, as he thought of himself and wished his friends called him, that he might wish to sit in the drawing room where large portraits of his parents faced his favorite settee, he would change his routine. Such was the case that morning as it had been others and he never failed to find the room ready for him, or the library should he go there.
Fallion had made it known to Bartman the head butler that laying a fire in all three rooms were a waste and he could call for a fire when he planned to use a room or went into one. Bartman had agreed and then did nothing to change the routine of the house. Fires were laid in all the rooms that the servant thought he would use. Thankfully they did not start one in every room of the house. Though Fallion was wealthy and perhaps his money did seem inexhaustible, he was sure it wasn’t. Though his men of accounts said each quarter it did seem to accumulate more of the stuff.
Ensconced in the room that had been a favorite of his late mothers, he sat and took a look at the papers. He did not truly care what was happening in the empire, or who was seen and whom they were with. But lords read the papers after breakfast. His father had read the papers and aloud to his mother. She had lived for two weeks after his father had died, not weeping because the last baron was gone in public, but behind the closed doors of her rooms, Fallion knew she was heartbroken and sobbed for hours. Surely it had affected her health and caused her to pass away so quickly.
That is what distracted him while he looked cursorily at the words of the newsprint, or glanced to the portrait of the late Baroness. If she were there with him now, he smiled at the thought, what would she say. Probably that his father had never idled his life so, though of course his father had, and that he should marry. That is what his sisters would say also, for they had taken such pages from their mothers book. Each married, and if he knew them as well as he thought he did, they would be either arriving or sending their emissaries shortly before lunch.
It was a cycle and well planned out. Sunday he always had to himself unless he chose to ask for company. Otherwise each day of the week, one or the other of his brothers by marriage would come, sometimes both. Or one or the other of his sisters, or both. Or one couple together, or even all four. The last permutation of such visits had them bring their children all in a cluster and let them run rampant. He didn’t truly mind that, for the children were good and respectful of the house.
Saverdale, the man married to his elder sister Jane was in the House of Commons, having the borough of him and might want to discuss politics, but that was a bore. Fallion should not like that, but then he remembered that the Saverdale clan entire had set out to London for the season was starting and the House was back in session shortly.
The Season which meant that Anne would be coming to visit with Lord Drakesmore, the third son of the Duke of Lege who had been given a manor next to Ballateer, fallen in love with Anne and married faster than one could read Chaucer. He would see Anne and Drakesmore daily until he succumbed and ran up to London for the season, it was inevitable, or had been the way they carried on the last two years.

In our personal life, we moved over this time. The first move since we had to leave our house of ten years. It took a lot away from my writing with trips to look at houses, packing and a great many trips to storage.

The Gratitude Log

  1. Youtube–I spend a great deal of time here watching the vids of people playing games that are not on the Macintosh just yet.
  2. NaNoWriMo–This is the challenge that got me focused to write more and publish
  3. U-HaulPastedGraphic1.q0rruX32MFa5.jpg–We gave them a lot of money and business. They are ubiquitous. They were the closest and most available place to rent a vehicle
  4. Apple–Still the best for all my computing needs
  5. Firaxis–The makers of Civilization V 1__%23%24%21%40%25%21%23__PastedGraphic.1sBn7KUtxlB1.jpg. The next iteration of one of the best strategy series for computer gaming.

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Have been asked again to speak to a book group on The End of the World! PastedGraphic.KDNnf7rugj9f.jpg

Sales should pick up and spent the last two days fitting into my writing schedule the design of a bookmark.AdobePhotoshopElements8-5.5L15PmhFAXvT.jpg

I’ll print that onto cardstock and laminate and give it out when I go to the group. Been thinking how to take the Toast of the Ton card game…ToastoftheTon.A7Dqkr7qICue.jpg to make it better than the cardboard stock I printed it on about 10 years ago and while working on the bookmark, did research into laminators. I can laminate the cards for about $1 dollar which should make for a much sturdier card. Soon that will be offered for sale at Regency Assembly Press’s website.

This week saw my inputing all the edit corrections I made to The Shattered Mirror. I would like to extend my thanks to my copy editors and prepublication readers. Deedira, Nora and David. It is being given the final edit by Melinda, and then it will be off to publication.

While doing that I have also started writing the 2nd part of Steam and Thunder. I was looking for a T word to start it off, so it would be T#### and Sword. Kevin, Regina, David and Melinda all had suggestions. At the moment the unnamed T has over 60K words, started on Monday the 9th. The progress slowed down a little this week as the days were taken up with entering the edits and comparing the edits of The Shattered Mirror. As of today, I am 100 pages shy of matching all the pages I wrote in all of 2009. Still four and half months to go.

For all these cut, copy and pastes I have started to use SkitchSkitch.com%2BSkitch%3Dfastandfunscreencaptureandimagesharing..vqLXyxURLtt7.jpg which has proven very handy.

The Gratitude Log

  1. 1) Family-We had a family day last sunday and these remind you how important the generation ahead and that which is coming behind are.

2) Skitch– I mention above how useful that is becoming
3) Brea Econo Lube N’ Tube-Mr. Park is the best. We went there for an oil change and have been taking all our cars, and the companies cars back for everything ever since…
4) Jerry’s Dogs–I started eating here right after it opened. The great thing about Jerry’s now that it is so busy you can’t get a table right away, is that when your dog is ready, you pick it up and have 30 toppings you can put on top of it. Jerry_sWood-FiredDogs__EverybodyLovesaGoodDog.VPxe3WDBszN9.jpg
5) Hallmark greeting cards–We have lost 2 stores in our neighborhood this recession, but there is still one and it has a great selection.

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It has been about two weeks since the last update. In that time Terra’s Birthright, first draft, has been completed. As I started this book 20 years ago, almost, I have become much better at my craft. The mistakes or poor writing that the initial chapters contain masks the story that is within. So this is definitely a first draft in need of editing. A great deal of editing. While writing that and finishing it over 114K, I am also 50K into Two Peas in a Pod and think that this shall be wrapped up next week.

The weekend before last I was with several people who are reading The End of the World PastedGraphic.dmIcNzGgxZvl.jpg and asked for autographed copies. Which I was happy to do. Total sales are now 80. I have struggled and succeeded in loading this to the iBookstore for sale and you can read it on an iPad. The editing of The Shattered Mirror has begun, though slower I find then other edits. Feedback has been positive so far from our readers.

For the month we have 140 pages of material, 1600 for the year so far, or 480,000 words. Not quite six months.

Here is the first excerpt for Two Peas in a Pod

It was a Close Run Thing

The Duke, he was that now, called and they went off to fight. At least that was the romantic way of thinking of things. “When father said that he would purchase commissions for us, I thought that we would do the normal thing. Parade about Town. Smile for the pretty girls. Chase actresses,” Percival Francis Michael Coldwell, the Earl of Kent said. He was a captain in the third battalion of the Grenadier Guards. It had been a terrible day. Hellacious was the word he was thinking, but if the rumors were true, the little corporal had fled again.

Major Peregrine Maxim Frederick Coldwell, the honourable, second in command of the second battalion of the Guards, looked at his older brother of seventeen minutes. He shook his head. Percy always complained about extra work. He did it, but if he could not complain about it, things were not right.

“And my lord, would you not have been bored beyond belief. I like that. It aliterates very well.” Peregrine scolded his brother. Percival would know it was a scold, since he had been called by a title and they were alone. They were the closest of brothers, not only as they were seventeen minutes apart in age, but in appearance, they looked exactly alike, though Percival had assured Peregrine that he weighed more. Peregrine noted that the way his brother had been eating and drinking, it was probably true.

“Should be much less bored chasing skirts and light o’loves then having some damn Frenchie try and skewer me, thank you very much. How many charges today? Do you really suppose it is true this time? That Bonney is finally defeated?” Percival asked. Peregrine knew his brother was upset by the day’s events. He was also. It was a difficult day, but then any day when their had been fighting had been difficult. Some damn near disastrous. Late last night when they had switched identities, again, had been to help calm the Earl’s nerves.

“I can appreciate a good woman and think that yes, we have finally sent the tyrant away for ever, now. Where is he going to get new men? France is bled dry. Hell even we are knocked up pretty badly. And them damn colonists in america are still fighting.” Peregrine said.

“I really don’t care about the americas. I pretty much care about me, and you a bit, well just so as I don’t have to write some dreadful letter to our sisters.” Percy smiled though to show that he was joking about that. He did care a bit about the Americas for their vast holdings had ownership in land there still, as well as the Caribbean. Percy was rich, and if the war was really over, he could resign his commission, though after today, they would call Captain Kent, for Peregrine was Major Coldwell, a hero. Even though it had been Peregrine who had been at the forefront of Percy’s company all day, repelling three regiments of Chasseurs. Everyone thought it was the Earl, while in the rear of the battalion, coordinating all of Colonel Askews commands and desires, everyone thought that Peregrine had done what was needful to ensure the Grenadiers fought excellently. It of course was not the case as they had changed position, and Percival had done his share and been in danger acting as Peregrine. Just not so foolish as to stand and exhort his men to bravery in front of them all as the enemy neared, or to lead charges and countercharges from the front. Madness is what it had been. But effective.

The Gratitude Log

1) Royal Pains–Several Bravo television shows today and this Screenshot2010-06-15at10.17.56AM.z7NCjHuWgnAa.jpg. This was fun that came out last year and the second season just started.
2) Work of Art–I have been feeling inspired, not just word creative, but wanting to learn to draw.Screenshot2010-06-15at10.17.10AM.glq6MYspEUw1.jpg
3) Top Chef & Top Chef Masters–Screenshot2010-06-15at10.16.26AM.IPq0xZrAnNhl.jpg I started watching during the second season and since have gone back and seen the first as they rerun this. Of course it is reality TV, but it seems far less scripted for drama then others, as the proof really is in the pudding.
4) Snap Art 2–In my Screenshot2010-06-15at10.21.54AM.TX8go7MQThqv.jpgexploration of Screenshot2010-06-15at10.21.10AM.uhq1L09DcODG.jpgdigital paintingScreenshot2010-06-15at10.20.59AM.j4UcQpc7SNSd.jpgI came across this. I first found Alien Skin in the 90’s and fabricated a pointillism picture of me in the regency from them, and even had their first offering. Long since gone. This is nearly $200 and I want it, but I can’t afford it yet.
5) iPad–Now that I got The End of the World PastedGraphic.Tdq3V0MoDQZJ.jpg onto it, I want it even more. Not of course just to check that the epub format for my books is coming out alright.

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The End of the World and Regency Assembly Press

We are at 77 sales. We have one review from our readers. Click on the picture to order a copy at Amazon or go here. As those who are following know, The Shattered Mirror is now being edited. We have three editors and myself working on it.

This leaves the current work in progress, Beggars Can’t Be Choosier. A story of romance that follows a marriage.

Total for the month of April writing is over 144,000 words. Beggars is now over 71K words and will be finished this week. Almost 240 pages of first draft manuscript now in just two weeks.

The month finished strong and I hope to continuing at this pace for it puts at a 3000 page commitment and even 4000 pages.

Gratitude Log for the day:

  1. Mimi’s Cafe–This restaurant always is good and it is one of Cheryl and my favorites.Screenshot2010-05-04at12.02.02PM.UNHfefQl9j4D.jpg
  2. Rite Aid-Thrifty’s–This drug store chain had ice cream in a very unique scoop. Went back recently and had a scoop of Chocolate Chip and it was great. 1__%23%24%21%40%25%21%23__PastedGraphic.oRb5Jqs4cxwG.jpg
  3. Tivo–The ability to copy what is on TV when you can’t get to the TV is worthwhile.
  4. Firefox–As internet browsers go, sometimes it is a little wierd, and slow but that you can do things to it, like custom the border of itScreenshot2010-05-04at12.05.22PM.42yHoq99cfI1.jpg like this, is great. I have made a Regency Assembly Press persona for all to use.
  5. iPads–I don’t have one yet, but I sure want one.PastedGraphic1.obGpqlEQ8JOd.jpg

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