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Was able to get the chapter 5 expansion done in Space Mine. I may be giving up all the enemies too early and have to revisit that. In all did more than 2000 words for that. Watched some more Time Commanders, worked on the website videos of Scotland. More slides for my folks. Got a lot of little things done and cleared my desk pretty well.

I was also able to edit a little in Graces, read some in the two books on editing and writing, but to bed another couple Forbes (Only four behind now.)

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So what did I accomplish today. I had a list. I did some of it. Almost all that was on it. I read and finished the Forbes I had planned to for the three day weekend. I sent off the lists of all the slides I had been doing from my parents and started on the next box, this time from 1968.

I edit another video and uploaded it to the web. This was more of the Scotland Trip. I did another comic now that I have a great deal more family photos from doing my folks slides. We made a Borders run because we had a coupon. And I wrote in Space Mine. I added a new scene to chapter 4 and expanded it to the size it should have been. Another 1700+ words so I met the daily goal and then some. I also added to some of the other scenes of chapter four. I then edited some more pages in Graces.

A played with some more video of the Eighth Wonder of the World Park and will probably edit that tomorrow.

Gratitude Log

  1. Apples
  2. Borders
  3. Band of Brothers (Benton showed a link to the theme music and it reminded how good this series is. I have watched it twice through)
  4. Fajitas (Alton was doing skirt steak on Good Eats tonight)
  5. Margaritas

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My goal today was to get Space Mine to 42,000 words and start looking at some other things on my plate. Scanning another box of slides for my parents for instance. Working on updating the Rollercoaster website here by giving the 8th competition of Small Parks a page. I did so. I updated the scenario file. I placed all the work I have done and been showing here on the demo park there online. So now you can see the ride videos, you can download the coasters I designed for the park, you can download the completed park, you can download the file and make your own park, you can see pictures of the demo park which I call the Eighth Wonder of the World since it is the eighth competition. I also posted a video of the park in operation at YouTube.

As I’ve noted before several of the chapters in Space Mine were short, and thus the entire story at this point is too short for where we are. I identified several chapters that are light, and some subplots that needed to be fleshed out. I wrote 3000+ today and this is a weekend day so the goal was really 0. I revised that zero into wanting to add to my things to do today, including whacking away at the vine covering the back door entryway at the house. Wanted to finish a copy of Forbes thats been hanging around for a while. Wanted to watch a Time Commanders series. Take care of the videos of the Scotland trip so I can replace the page on my website that I had a holder at. You can see the page and video here.

In Space Mine what I have to expand is:
        Love Story
        More of the engineering complications that are slowing up the ability of such a project to go operational
        More plots of the enemies in trying to stop the successes of our heroes.
Things that happened today for me to be grateful for:

  1. Forbes
  2. Chocolate Chip Pancakes (I may already have been grateful for that)
  3. Rome Total War and it’s use in educational TV
  4. iMovie ‘09 which I used on the Scotland video.
  5. McBooks Press because they make these great catalogs that give me items I want to put on a wish list (and maybe they should have a wish list like at Amazon, so when I have some cash–Like when I get a job again–I could just look at my McBooks List and try and pick what I want most.)

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