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Thursday morning and the end of The Shattered Mirror is in sight. We are at over 81K and the last few chapters approaching climax just need to be done.

It was suggested that I join a site for Romance writers and that was probably the wrong place. In a few years time there are some ladies on the site that have thousands of posts, over thirty to fifty a day. That is a lot of work to devote to one place. It seems to be a place where mostly ladies go to talk about writing romance, a very few about regencies, and most about epublishing. Checking into epublishing the royalties are very low because the books are priced low. Lower then ereader copies.

The sites looked dated and targeted at sex. Well sex sells, but not in the regencies I am writing. Followers here know that Regencies are but one part of the writing I do. Most of the women also talked about husbands who supported them in full time jobs so they could write and earn some extra money. To some extent that seems so pre seventies. Part of the sexual revolution is the right for women to have jobs and be a two income family.

Looking deeper at the site/forum, there seemed to be a great deal of people willing to tell you what to do that was not specific to you, but to them. A lot of advice if I wanted to sell smutty sex stories that were short (a third the size of the books I write.) No advice on the publishing route I chose or posted questions about. Further once they took something out of context, all these old friends of each other, continued to support themselves in the same out of context discussion. In essence the ladies were very unwelcoming, and further were actually snobs.

I have moved in many societies and I have my prejudices, but I also learned to admit to them privately and not act on them publicly. Here it was very much act on them publicly. God forbid that one should have an idea that did not fit the world view of the other people. They had their club and since you had a different opinion, let us make you feel small and shove you out the door. I suppose that was the definition of sorority and fraternity when I was in college. Why I did not join those orders.

There is a gold club on the edge of Beverly Hills, called the Los Angeles Country Club. My mom grew up across the street from it, on Bedford. I passed by it a lot since I grew up in a very snobbish city, Bev Hills. No Jews or Blacks Allowed.

Exclusivity is a public way to display your bigotry.

These women were closed to new thoughts. One of the concerns I have fostered for twenty years is the no idea is too stupid idea. Well some ideas are it is true, but in meetings you have to hear all ideas so you try not to shut down ideas. It leads to new thoughts. Making a meeting a roundtable. That was not the case here. It obviously has gotten my ire up. In order for us to grow, to put all our experiences to work, and find something new, we have to listen to all and see if something has validity. I pointed out that the industry at which they were angry at might have joined the rest of the world in lowering its expectation of hiring standards and employed someone who was unfamiliar with the Regency Period.

Wow, who knew that I could be interpreted to believe that this was the alright. Not that I have been studying it for 20 plus years, have a bachelors in history from a top 20 university, or that I research my material. Nope, I must be the enemy. It was the LA Country Club all over…

Tomorrow is the day we want to push The End of the World.

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