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I have been writing several biographies the last few days, and before that, intermittently as I posted about history of the regency, I have presented here, and at the EHFA articles on actual events. I now have a widget, which I shall add to on the right sidebar. So you scroll down, or here it is to take a look at today.

Notable Events of the Regency

The Opening of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway 1830
The Trial of Warren Hastings
The Cato Street Conspiracy
The Peterloo Massacre

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Since joining the English Historical Fiction Authors, many who follow my blog will have noted that I stepped up my game with it. A lot more history has been presented here, including such articles on Regency Money, The Prime Ministers of the Regency, The Regency Timeline and the Regency Lexicon. All these pages have detailed followups at various parts of the Regency Assembly Press website.

Recently I have started biographies or the Regency Personalties Series, having done so far

Previous Notables (Click to see the Blog):
George III
George IV
William IV
Lady Hester Stanhope
Princess Charlotte
Queen Charlotte
Princess Caroline
Queen Adelaide
Dorothea Jordan
Maria Fitzherbert

There will be many other notables coming, a full and changing list can be found here on the blog as I keep adding to it. The list so far is:

Lord Byron
Jane Austen
Lady Caroline Lamb
Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire
Charles James Fox
William Wilberforce
Thomas Clarkson
Hannah More
Richard Brinsley Sheridan
Edmund Kean
John Phillip Kemble
John Burgoyne
Harriet Mellon
Mary Robinson
Wellington (the Military man)
St. Vincent
General Banastre Tarleton
Henry Paget
Stapleton Cotton
Thomas Picton

Patronesses of Almacks
Emily Lamb, Lady Cowper
Amelia Stewart, Viscountess Castlereagh
Sarah Villiers, Countess of Jersey
Maria Molyneux, Countess of Sefton
Mrs. Drummond Burrell
Dorothea Lieven, Countess de Lieven, wife of the Russian Ambassador
Countess Esterhazy, wife of the Austrian Ambassador


If you take a look at the sidebar on the right (and even click on the links to the books and buy a few) you will notice that there are now some hyperlink widgets to previous posts, so they will be easy to find. There are even a double list for some where the website has more detail then the old blog posts that are here.

The plan will be to have much of the references of the history from the blog displayed on the right sidebar (also giving you a chance to buy some of my works, the only way I can afford to go to the supermarket to get food) including a list linking you to the Prime Ministers, the Lexicon, and other research that has been posted here.


For those who have been following the Sunday Posts, they know that this is the day we release another chapter in the Duology, Steam and Thunder. So far we have released 8 chapters and that is over half of the first book. This is a call for artists who would like to be paid, should the book go to print, and copyeditors. The plan is to make this a well done KickStarter project. With interior illustrations. We need quotes though so we can price out the project. Please get in touch with us.

NaNo Novel

It is that time of year again, and next week we begin the first draft of Food and Art. A contemporary romance. During NaNoWriMo I shall be hard at work to do a post of the Regency Personalities, write 20 pages a day, look for work, and edit more of The Prize is Not As Great As You Think, our Ruritania Romance that goes up on Wednesdays.

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