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Was able to get the chapter writing for Space Mine out of the way this am. That feels good. If I did this full time, i should be able to go through a few thousand words a day. I know during the creative surge I had last summer I was able to do that and that was working also.

Intend to clean up the items I accomplished on the website yesterday. I used Photoshop Elements for making the circular buttons for the web pages that deal with the scenario guides and I have the Amazon Affiliate status set up now. I have to clean up a little on the home page for that. Then maybe work on the reading List also.

I still have to finish putting in all the info from the small park competitions, such as the pics from the entrants, and I have to finish putting the scenario guides all online.

For the synopsis of a book, today is Amnesiac Cowboy.


This is a completely Tongue-in-Cheek story of a man who finding himself without a job at the same time his great uncle leaves him with the largest cattle ranch in Colorado, journeys out to take it over. He meets a china man who teaches him Kung Fu like a Carradine, he picks up a gun and always shoots true and can pick out a spade from a hundred yards. One of the local tribes chieftains is a classmate from Harvard and they are sitting on mineral wealth. The other tribe is bloodthirsty and he saves the heroine from their clutches. As many stereotypes as I possibly could fit, all done to make you laugh out loud.

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