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The location of the lord or ladies home in London is always something I spend time over. And each time I then research the square I use or re-research it. I have used Cavendish Square a couple times.

The 2nd Earl of Oxford, in 1717 began to have it developed by John Prince.

Work stopped with the bursting of the South Sea bubble. (A great reason then in our fictitious regencies to replace the Harley family with our own Hero, perhaps)

The square saw the homes of the Duke of Portland, Duke of Chandos (not finished) the Princess Amelia (Daughter of George II) and other notables. In fiction, it is home to Dr. Jekylls best friend Dr. Lanyon. The 4th son of the Duke of Portland, Lord George Bentinck, MP for King’s Lynn (And instrumental in the fall of Peel), was a resident during the later Regency Era.



On fiction Writing

As a writer, setting up the writing environment is important. Trying to clear distractions so I can get what is in my brain to the paper as effortlessly as possible. That is the art, the craft is when we go back and look at it the second time, and then strip away our own prejudices and conceptions and allow others to comment. Before the internet it took actual physical contact to get others to read my work.

Now we have a plethora of avenues available to us. Through Goodreads I was in a group for writers, and they have gone on to provide an internet presence to discuss writing and help with critiquing works. It is On Fiction Writing and if you are interested please visit.


Once again I was interviewed for my work on Colonel Fitzwilliam’s Correspondence.


It was at English Epochs 101 Please visit for a look. In an upcoming blog, I will excerpt my interview here. By looking there, however, you can search for the giveaway associated with the blog.

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