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Had a few goals today. The first was to get to 45,000 words in Space Mine, which I did. That brings the writing for the weekend to nearly 5800 words. Or 23K+ for the week, 52K so far this month. More importantly I finished the 9th chapter this week in Space Mine, fleshed out chapters 2 and 3 that needed them, decided there is another chapter after chapter 7.

For this week I intend to finish the fleshing out of the short chapters, 4, 5 and 8 which need about 4200 words between them, and doing chapter 7a for the 5000 or so words it needs. That would take us to the place that the story should be, and if I do that by the end of this coming week it will be good.

In other goals for the day, I had two. One was to digitize another tray of slides for my parents. Apparently they were in Switzerland, France and England in 1964 when I was almost 2. I didn’t get to go. So I got those from slides into digital pictures. Then I wanted to make some headway on the pile of Forbes magazines. Getting through one so far. And also finally getting the last of the information on my library that I have in Bookpedia into Library Thing.

Finished in time to watch a Time Commanders, where the contestants did horribly. But it is still fun to watch and I am glad YouTube has all these. Then after Cheryl returned from Pet Sitting, we made it over to a friends graduation party. She had just picked up her MBA, (her second masters degree) and so there was a party to celebrate.

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