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Today there will be some writing on Space Mine and work on the Rollercoaster Website. I signed up to be an Amazon Affiliate so perhaps one day this will bring in some money.

The website is getting better and has more depth so hopefully one day it will be a good part of the Rollercoaster Tycoon Community.

As far as writing goes, this week it is concentrate on the Space Mine story and finish up the chapter. I had done very well the beginning of last week when I was writing the first part of the chapter. But the emergency trip to Vegas killed writing for the last half of the week.

Space Mine is the working title and it will need a better title as we finish the book.

        The premise is that in the near future, about 30 to 40 years, the world is passing the USA by, but the USA still has vast resources of talent that it sees a goal to put to use. Doing so brings out more terrorists against the USA however. So a goal to get the USA back on track as a world leader, doing things to benefit the world where its enemies wish to stop it.


The premise revolves around a massive program to turn the moon into a city that smelts the mineral wealth of the asteriods and then transships them to Earth. Getting this online is difficult and I try to address those difficulties, political, military, social so that it seems believable and science fiction at the same time.

Able to add another 825 words to Space Mine today.

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March 27th

We had a crisis come up.

Cheryl has a good friend who was just widowed and so we are going out to Las Vegas to attend the funeral and support her.

Did some editing on the web site yesterday while making arrangements, but no writing.

No more on Space Mine until we get back

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