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The question I am asking myself these days as the countdown to the end of the year creeps closer, is how many pages and how many words will be my total. At the moment I have reached, 1,236,837 or 4,123 pages. 30,139 are for the second book of the KoTohLan saga which I started monday morning. Last post I told how I was re-reading the first book so I could tackle writing this.

Some thoughts on Hoveria emerged, though as I read the first book, it seemed clear I meant for the characters who would be in the second adventure to go to Fellane, a land that is a great deal like medieval Japan. Instead we end in a land of Feudal Europe. Knights and such where one of our favorites, Captain Jack Anhalt hails from. But the feudal lords power was broken somewhat when they were part of the empire. No great Dukes and Counts ruling and commanding large fiefs and countless men. Every manor or castle has a knight, or a lord with a higher title, but only enough armed warriors for just that place. And they were direct vassals of the Emperor. The Emperor before Joss of the Krache, our enemy, let them go.

That Krache Emperor making another mistake that put people at risk.

Hoveria known for Cattle, Knights with hair trigger, Musketeer like honor, and wine. Our Jack tells a tale right out of French Kiss about why he had to leave Hoveria and went to Karn, where he meets Magnus. His family has one of the Fiefs, an old barony, known for its vineyards. BUt now close to where the incursion of enemies from the south are coming, as well as close to the location where Magnus’ parents, his true parents were killed and are buried.

1) A Tavern on the Road

Magnus knew he should answer the question, “Why Hoveria?’ He stared at the Inn’s game board, a few feet beyond him. Farthing would be down soon from the room they shared. Magnus and he one, the other friends clustered a little more cramped in a second room. They thought they had the worst of it, but as far as Magnus had determined Anhalt, Barron and John did not snore. Master Farthing did.

Magnus smiled, for he would not have been without his friends. It would have been decidedly scarry without his friends. Joss had sent men to kill Master Frederman. Would he not do the same against Magnus? He was certainly capable of it. They had outdistanced the game papers, or other news of what was occurring back in Karn. Perhaps they should slow and wait for the news to catch up to them.

Jack had told him that he was recognizable for the papers had shown his likeness for some days. Master Farthing said that was easily taken care of he could cover his head still with the hat of the Emperor Returned. Take away his hair that shouted Fellane and Magnus Thistle the color of the bronze stone, and he would look rather nondescript.

That was one thing that he had to decide what to do. He knew Master Farthing and now Young John had validated their thought that he actually was the Emperor Returned, but they only thought of him as the great player of the game. Would he have to tell them the truth. Would he even want to keep the disguise up. Did he need a disguise the further from Karn that they were.

“Ah, dinner is to be braised game bird sandwiches,” Mischa said as he sat with two mugs of ale. One for Magnus that he slid over. “Did you smell the bread baking as we came in? It will still be warm when we are served. I like that. The cooks at the barracks never thought to make bread but once in the morning. If we had it at dinner it was cold and already going a little stale.” Magnus smiled and took a sip of his beer. Halfway to Hoveria and Mischa had a comment about everyplace they had stopped to eat on their way.

“Where are John and Anhalt?”

“The Captain is looking about the town to make sure, you know,” Mischa said. He meant that Jack Anhalt was looking all over the town to see about lanes of defense and retreat should there be an attack on them. It would look ill if five men camped anywhere but the village, but that did not mean they should not know a little of it. “John is with the horses taking care there.” They had been on the road over a week and this was how things had worked themselves out.

John saw to their mounts, Anhalt to their defenses, and Mishca to their supplies. Farthing and he had little duties at all. Perhaps to be the bank, provide leadership, and wisdom. Farthing knew all the inns that the should stop on the road. Magnus, the Imperial Master, was giving them the direction.

“Are you going to play Master Farthing in a game? I know he should like that. You are going to do so one day?”

Magnus looked at this friend. That question was hard to answer. “We need to talk all of us, and best to do it privately. There are some things that you all don’t know and I suppose you should. It is a little more than your Colonel telling you to stick to me because we are friends and I may be in trouble with…” Magnus stopped before he mentioned the emperor by name, “that man.”

“You want to talk finally and you tell me. Do you tell me first, or have you told any of the others as well?” Mischa asked.

“No, you are the first,” Magnus said and was a little startled as Mischa laughed and struck the table hard.

“Ha, I knew it. They each owe me a silver now. We had a wager on it. Silver from each of us to the winner, and I should like to buy me some more of this ale. Especially if tomorrow is another day in the saddle. It is Holyday tomorrow and they have a ecumenical hall here. We could take a day from travel. We missed last Holyday.”

Magnus nodded. “Let me talk to all our friends first. There is a room that the innkeep said he had that we could use if we wished. Let us talk and then Farthing and I might have a game and we might not. Go tell the others while I find the Innkeep and make those arrangements.” Mischa nodded, but first he took a great quaff from his mug. Holding his hand up higher and higher as he tilted the mug letting the ale pour into his mouth.

“Ahhh! Very good. I’ll go get the Captain and Young John.” He said and rose to go about his task.

The Gratitude Log

  1. Kevin Kline–Kevin-Kline-French-Kiss.7.XW0FjpaweDpW.jpg Mr. Kline is a wonderful actor and as I thought about Jack Anhalt, some of the actions that Mr. Kline has shown us, for he is the Pirate King images.XQxg6tQ3phJ5.jpg you know, seem to vividly occur to me.
  2. Gilbert and Sullivan– sullivan_gilbert.v3LIhYSMvtHM.jpg These two composers have given us great musicals. Fun and frivolity in this topsy turvy51Q3YFQRY0L._SL500_AA300_.EaHeJ6pFQZXk.jpg world. How can you not appreciate ‘I am the very model of a modern Major-General.’
  3. Bridget Jones Diary51GAS3VCA2L._AA115_.Qsgpj4ChKRc2.jpgThis arises from thinking of Gilbert and Sullivan that leads to the movie about the Mikado51M05ZHNSZL._AA115_.PL6WD1ezZQ0s.jpgtopsy turvy 51Q3YFQRY0L._SL500_AA300_.RqcCxRSmVsQ2.jpg. A great insight into how these shows and the power of Gilbert and Sullivan came to be. But the lead is Jim Broadbent 1945169.28.OAlVTij5WNK5.jpg in topsy turvy 51Q3YFQRY0L._SL500_AA300_.0Tm0DVQQ8dyn.jpg and thus we go to Bridget Jones Diary, the movie where Mr. Broadbent 2099-25626.jrRwMF5KyjlB.jpg is featured as Mr. Jones, Bridget’s father. I have the book but have not read it yet. Love the movie.
  4. Pride and Prejudice51GIYlE19KL._SL500_AA300_.pQH4oYHLIuIg.jpgOf course we are drawn here because of the similar story line we find in Bridget Jones Diary.
  5. Colin Firth–Which brings us to Darcy playing Darcy?0.uHbcdrsAvwCs.jpg This is my wife’s favorite Darcy, mine is an actor he had almost his first major role with, in the show Lost Empires edea810ae7a02655d0503210.L.h1lpxX7s2x4q.jpg, Laurence Olivier pride-prejudice-1940.XjByDU68fvBW.jpg51D0iAEOTZL._SL500_AA300_.iaZCBBocxpF2.jpg

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