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Regency Personalities Series
In my attempts to provide us with the details of the Regency, today I continue with one of the many period notables.

John Ireland
September 8 1761-September 2 1842


John Ireland is shown in the picture above carrying the Crown of the King of England, which he did twice, once for George IV, and then for George’s brother William IV.

John was an English Anglican priest who served as Dean of Westminster from 1816 until his death. He was theologically and politically conservative and he was generous with the considerable riches he acquired over his career. He made large donations to his home town. Oxford University sought his permission during his life to put on display a bust of him by Sir Francis Leggatt Chantrey. Ireland established scholarships at the University and in his will left a fortune 10,000 pounds to establish the post of Dean Ireland’s Professor of the Exegesis of Holy Scripture.

He was born the son of Thomas Ireland the butcher from Ashburton in Devon. His mother was Elizabeth. He was taught at the grammar school there before he went to the University of Oxford where he matriculated in 1779 at Oriel College. He received he Bachelor of Arts in 1783, then his Master of Arts in 1810 as well as his Bachelor and Doctor of Divinity that year. He was ordained a priest in the Church of England in 1783 and was a curate in Ashburton for a time before travelling abroad as the tutor to the son of Sir James Wright. After this he was vicar of Croydon from 1793 to 1816.

During the time he was vicar, he was also the chaplain to Charles Jenkinson, the 1st Earl of Liverpool who had Ireland appointed as prebend of Westminster Abbey in 1802. He became subdean in 1806 and also the theological lecturer, which dates from the time of Queen Elizabeth I. He now addressed the king’s scholars at the Westminster School between 1806 and 1812, and then preached to the House of Commons at St. Margaret’s Church, Westminster in 1813. He declined the position of Regius Professor of Divinity at Oxford.

Ireland was chosen the successor of the Dean of Westminster, William Vincent in 1816. In addition he was Dean of the Order of the Bath, rector of Islip in Oxfordshire from 1816 to 1835. He was entitled to also carry the crown for Victoria at her coronation, but was too ill do to so.

Upon his death he had more than £20,000 to disburse. He is buried in Westminster Abbey. He wrote some sermons and lectures that were published such as Five Discourses for and against the Reception of Christianity by Ancient Jews and Greeks (DWW-What Chutzpah!) of Paganism and Christianty Compared. He has been criticized for failing to act to protect the position of Westminster School which declined while he was dean. He was married, his wife was Susannanh who had died in 1826 and was five or six years older than he was. They had no children.

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