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The recovery continues.

Occasionally I feel pretty good and feel that I can do a lot. I ride my stationary bike and find that after 3/4’s of a mile, that is not true. We walk for half an hour and I can barely move. Not there yet.

I can sit and type though. I crossed the threshold of 500 pages for 2010 earlier today. In the last few weeks I have begun writing daily again, though a break is upon us. Cheryl and I are house hunting and so must leave the writing aside for a short time. While continuing on these last weeks, finished the second book in the Born to Grace Trilogy. Have now started a new Regency Romance titled The Shattered Mirror. Since yesterday have reached 10 pages…

The Proof arrived from the print house for The End of the World. Looked good so Regency Assembly Press is in business. We are selling the book. You can get it at the press or Here.
PastedGraphic.w7nf85zh1qvL.jpg (click on the picture)

Gratitude Log for the day:

  1. Philipe’s–For those not Los Angeleno’s it is not pronounced the way one would think. It actually is pronounced with a latino spelling, like Felipe. Fell EEp A’s. The home of the French Dip. Cheryl had never been (but she isn’t really a native. She came out when she was an infant. Dad came here as a child and brought us here as a child. It was good and tasty, but not as good as I remember it. Less sawdust on the floors, more crowds… Still an LA Landmark.1__%23%24%21%40%25%21%23__PastedGraphic.7yca08UHSr7u.jpgPastedGraphic1.g6glhlryHXxk.jpg
  2. The Whitcombs–Ianimages.s1snvadNsl5x.jpg is an international recording phenomena, and a good friend. The Father of Irish Rock and Roll. I have been friends with Regina since the movie Babe and Braveheart were out. They love to come and visit and go to extful200x250.uYzJKyLsPDFo.jpgYe Olde Ship. Big order of Fish and Chips for me! (Still miss the John Bull… That was a great place)
  3. Regency Assembly Press!-We are established and growing. Interest even in having another author join the site. Sales of the book are ongoing! Get one here:PastedGraphic.IuGc59sc4DlH.jpg We are on Amazon, and should have a Kindle version up later this week. Even ready for the iPad!
  4. Warm Boots–1__%23%24%21%40%25%21%23__PastedGraphic1.pMUlsxcaVkGj.jpgThe dog has been eating mine so cheap faux Ugg replacements are a necessity. Big 5 had a sale!
  5. Hemet-Homes in Hemet are not too expensive. It is a possibility and still close enough to see parents on occasion…

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