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Regency Personalities Series

In my attempts to provide us with the details of the Regency, today I continue with one of the many period notables.

Thomas Thynne 2nd Marquess of Bath
25 January 1765 – 27 March 1837


Thomas Thynne

Thomas Thynne 2nd Marquess of Bath was the son of Thomas Thynne, 1st Marquess of Bath.

He was educated at Winchester College and admitted as a nobleman to St John’s College, Cambridge in 1785, graduating M.A. in 1787.

Between 1786 and 1790, he was MP (Tory) for Weobley. He later sat for Bath from 1790 to 1796. He was Lord Lieutenant of Somerset between 1819 and 1837 and was invested as a Knight of the Garter on 16 July 1823.

Lord Bath married the Honourable Isabella Elizabeth Byng, daughter of George Byng, 4th Viscount Torrington, on 14 April 1794. They had eleven children:

  • Lady Elizabeth Thynne (1795–1866), married John Campbell, 1st Earl Cawdor and had issue.
  • Thomas Thynne, Viscount Weymouth (1796 – 16 January 1837), married Harriet Robbins.
  • Henry Frederick Thynne, 3rd Marquess of Bath (1797 – 24 June 1837)
  • Reverend Lord John Thynne (1798–1881), Canon of Westminster Abbey, of Haynes Park, Bedfordshire. He married Anne Beresford and had issue. He inherited the manors of Haynes, Bedfordshire and Kilkhampton, Cornwall, from his uncle John Thynne, 3rd Baron Carteret, last Baron Carteret. His monument and effigy sculpted by Henry Armstead (1828 – 1905), survive in Westminster Abbey.
  • Lady Louisa Thynne (25 Mar 1801–1859), married Henry Lascelles, 3rd Earl of Harewood and had issue.
  • Lord William Thynne (1802–1890), married Belinda Brumel.
  • Lord Francis Thynne (1805–1821)
  • Lord Edward Thynne (1807–1884), married first Elizabeth Mellish and second Cecilia Anne Mary Gore, by whom he had issue.
  • Lord George Thynne (1808-19 Jun 1832)
  • Lady Charlotte Anne Thynne (1811–1895), married Walter Montagu Douglas Scott, 5th Duke of Buccleuch and had issue.
  • Reverend Lord Charles Thynne (1813–1894), married Harriet Bagot and had issue, including a daughter who married the 4th Earl of Kenmare.

Lord Bath died in 1837, aged 72, and was buried at his home, Longleat House.

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Regency Personalities Series

In my attempts to provide us with the details of the Regency, today I continue with one of the many period notables.

Henry Lascelles 3rd Earl of Harewood
11 June 1797 – 22 February 1857


Henry Lascelles

Henry Lascelles 3rd Earl of Harewood was born in 1797. He was the second son of Henry Lascelles, 2nd Earl of Harewood, and Henrietta Sebright, daughter of Sir John Sebright, 7th Baronet.

Lascelles was commissioned as an Ensign in the 1st Foot Guards in 1814 and fought in the Battle of Waterloo when he was slightly wounded by an exploding shell when carrying the standard of his (Second) battalion of the regiment. He went onto half-pay in 1820, the year he began to serve part-time as a Lieutenant in the Yorkshire Hussars Yeomanry in 1820, but he did not fully retire from the regular army until 1831.

He sat as Member of Parliament for Northallerton from 1826 to 1831 and also served as Lord Lieutenant of the West Riding of Yorkshire between 1846 and 1857.

On 20 May 1848, he became a member of the Canterbury Association. Harewood Forest (beyond Oxford; now logged out) and the Christchurch suburb of Harewood are named for him.

Lord Harewood married Lady Louisa Thynne (c. 1808–1859), daughter of Thomas Thynne, 2nd Marquess of Bath, on 5 July 1823. They had thirteen children:

  • Henry Thynne Lascelles, 4th Earl of Harewood (1824–1892)
  • Hon. Egremont William Lascelles (1825–1892), married Jessie Malcolm and had issue.
  • Hon. George Edwin Lascelles (1826–1911), married Lady Louisa Murray, daughter of William Murray, 4th Earl of Mansfield and had issue.
  • Hon. Algernon Francis Lascelles (1828–1845), died young.
  • Hon. Alfred Lascelles (1829–1845), died young.
  • Lady Louisa Isabella Lascelles (1830–1918), married Charles Mills, 1st Baron Hillingdon and had issue.
  • Reverend Hon. James Walter Lascelles (1831–1901), Canon of Ripon Cathedral and Rector at Goldsborough, married Emma Clara Miles (1830–1911), daughter of Sir William Miles, 1st Baronet and had nine children.
  • Lady Susan Charlotte Lascelles (1834–1927), married Edward Montagu-Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, 1st Earl of Wharncliffe and had issue.
  • Hon. Horace Douglas Lascelles (1835–1869), died unmarried.
  • Lady Blanche Emma Lascelles (1837–1863), married Henry Boyle, 5th Earl of Shannon and had issue.
  • Lady Florence Harriet Lascelles (1838–1901), married Lt.-Col. John Cust, grandson of Brownlow Cust, 1st Baron Brownlow.
  • Lady Mary Elizabeth Lascelles (c. 1843–1866), married Sir Robert Meade, son of Richard Meade, 3rd Earl of Clanwilliam and had issue.
  • Lady Maud Caroline Lascelles (1846–1938), married Lord George Hamilton and had issue.

Harewood and his wife resided for a time at the ancestral seat of the family, Goldsborough Hall in the eponymous North Yorkshire village.

The Earl sustained a fractured skull and other injuries while fox hunting and died four weeks later in 1857, aged 59 years.

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