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So what did I accomplish today. I had a list. I did some of it. Almost all that was on it. I read and finished the Forbes I had planned to for the three day weekend. I sent off the lists of all the slides I had been doing from my parents and started on the next box, this time from 1968.

I edit another video and uploaded it to the web. This was more of the Scotland Trip. I did another comic now that I have a great deal more family photos from doing my folks slides. We made a Borders run because we had a coupon. And I wrote in Space Mine. I added a new scene to chapter 4 and expanded it to the size it should have been. Another 1700+ words so I met the daily goal and then some. I also added to some of the other scenes of chapter four. I then edited some more pages in Graces.

A played with some more video of the Eighth Wonder of the World Park and will probably edit that tomorrow.

Gratitude Log

  1. Apples
  2. Borders
  3. Band of Brothers (Benton showed a link to the theme music and it reminded how good this series is. I have watched it twice through)
  4. Fajitas (Alton was doing skirt steak on Good Eats tonight)
  5. Margaritas

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