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I just passed the milestone I have been working on for months. 1,200,000 Words for the year. 4000 pages.

Excellent feeling.

Last night I reached the last chapter of By the Book. The chapter was to have three scenes, getting our hero to a ceremony, the ceremony, and then what happens with the menacing enemy that has been working itself into the story for most of the last two-thirds of the book.

It was coming along very well, and I was conscious of my goal number getting closer. Then Cheryl took over the computer so my writing ended for the day.

Today we had an errand for six hours, but I finally got back into the writing and was able to reach the final tape. Like a runner at the end of the race…

There is more to write, the second scene in the chapter has not finished, nor have I then gotten to the third scene.

I will.

I also have to choose the next project which I think will be KoTohLan book two. I am rereading KoTohLan to remember what I wrote. I know that I have to really flesh out the other books, the plan being that it is a seven book series, one book per country of the old empire. I have to reread and look at my notes to see how much work I had

The way I got to 1,200,000 words is as follows

Book Title
Words written in 2010
# of Pages
Born to Grace II, The Turmoil
The Shattered Mirror (A Regency Romance)
Beggars Can’t Be Choosier (A Regency Romance)
Two Peas in a Pod (A Regency Romance)
Terra’s Birthright
Steam and Thunder
Tempest and Sword
Succession Crisis
The Three Lastoleers
You Ought to Trust Your Mother (A Regency Romance)
By the Book

There are also some pages devoted to the editing of second drafts as well.

Three weeks to go, though I expect there will be little time between xmas and New Years to write as we hope to moving into the house at that time.

At the moment though, we have The Gratitude Log

  1. Fleece-What a great thing and cheap too. I have a fleece jacket i got in Alaska that keeps me very warm. It has been lower than 40 at night here.
  2. The Green Bay PackersPackers.com%2CtheofficialwebsiteoftheGreenBayPackers.Y1lrtZn7XvbW.jpg my favorite team and now 8 and 4 for the season. Go Pack!
  3. AmazonAmazon.com_OnlineShoppingforElectronics%2CApparel%2CComputers%2CBooks%2CDVDs%26more.5Meh5FLJAtNP.jpgWish lists, iphone aps, the prime shipping deal. It is just way too easy to shop. Brick and mortar will never disappear, but a lot of stores will, and small retail business will have to work hard to think how to adapt.
  4. email–in 1994 I was learning to love the internet. Where were all of you, eh? But as I was, I would buy books, sure what little web we had, and attend lectures. One I did at a Borders Book store, had a speaker who had placed his email address on his business card and said that in the next few years (he meant before 2000) we all would do so. And we did. Email is great. I just wish syncing worked like it should and there was no junk mail.
  5. Border Book StoresPastedGraphic.dQSgFCcQkz80.jpgJust as I love Amazon, i love Borders as well. Amazon has a ton of stuff and they do it well. They do books well also. But they do not do browsing as well as you can do if you are at a book store. I shall miss this store if they succumb. It is a great place to hang. B&N the rival, I shall always remember for the remaindered catalog on old newsprint that used to come out. They are nice, but Borders I always felt had a more homey feeling.

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