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March is ending and the Shattered Mirror has entered it’s third chapter. Nearly fifteen thousand words and a couple days before writers group. This weekend the group is meeting at the house where we are going to work on marketing strategy as well as reading from our works. The Brea Borders Writers Group is now in its ninth year.

The End of the World is selling. We have sold over 15 copies in the 2 weeks it has been available for sale. At least 15. It recently went on sale at Amazon where according to my reports only 4 copies have sold. That seems strange to me. But what do I know. Also at least 7 other people that I can not account for have told me they would be buying copies. If they have done so, I have gotten no reports that they done so from Amazon. So I am wondering if the Amazon reporting system is accurate or if these people who have told me they would buy have done so.

You can get The End of the World at the press or Here.
PastedGraphic.aeiAb0puTuPm.jpg (click on the picture)

If you are in time for the discount, it is here: The End of the World Amazon Discounted

Regency Assembly Press is in business. We are putting all sorts of great things at the site. I have a large page of Slang built into the site if you get lost with the words. A submissions page, a dance of the period choreographed. We even have Regency Assembly Press merchandise now.

Gratitude Log for the day:

  1. Good Health again-Saw the Congestive Heart Failure doctor who is pleased with my progress.
  2. Fish in a Bottle–This sushi place had more to offer than many and since I had sushi last week I had the teriyaki steak that came with green tea rice…
  3. Claro’s–Food is a great topic and we have Claro’s market near the house. Great Deli and Italian food almost every day.1__%23%24%21%40%25%21%23__PastedGraphic.u9OkqqPDYU6Q.jpg
  4. Iron On Transfers–I am taking some of the art I have been making at the website and going to make a sweatshirt to surprise my father…
  5. Rome Total War-Released recently for the MacintoshPastedGraphic1.srSBO7z1ig7C.jpg

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