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In my Gratitude Log for the day I have:

  1. Scrivener–This is the program I use to write and it is very handy. These guys are nice too. They gave out a discount of 50% to all who completed the NaNoWriMo challenge
  2. CCOBS–This is the Curious Collectors of Bakers Street which I belong too and where some of our best friends also belong. A group that likes Sherlock Holmes but to me that is secondary to the friendships we have in the group.Screenshot2009-12-20at11.26.58AM.l0P3MsTtX3RQ.jpg
  3. Amazon.com–Great place to start looking for things to buy.
  4. Music–Another great thing to have going on in our lives. How advanced we are to have it whenever we wish and not have to stop what we are doing and make it ourselves. We are very wealthy in this regard.
  5. Costco-It had a gift for my wife on sale cheap enough that it was worth going back to and getting when she wasn’t with me…

Now onto how we are faring for the year with only 2 weeks left.

My writing year, for number counts will actually end on the third, as I start my counts on mondays. So I have two more weeks. I am 2/3rds done or more with Roses War and have reached 89,000 words. 46,000 for this month so far today. As I write and do more words each day, I keep pushing my goals further. I had thought just at the end of September to hit 500,000 words would be good. I was at 370,000 and with 3 months left, just under 50,000 for each month of the rest of the year. But 600,000 came and went and now I am closing on 700,000 words this year.


I have been hitting about five thousand words a day easily. I speed write these last few days. Put a timer on and pound out 700+ words in fifteen minutes. I take a few seconds to read where I had left off, think about my plot lines and scene and then start. I think I could do more than 5 thousand a day if this was full time, though it cuts into my other activities like looking for work full time, editing what has been written before.

At 5000 a day and skipping the 25th of December, and the 1st as those are holidays, I should pass the threshold easily. The 2nd will be writers group so a chance to catch up, but in just a little over a week, i think we will pass 700,000 words.

This year has seen five books written start to end, another manuscript brought to completion and a seventh could be finished by the end of the year. Pretty productive I think.

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I Started in the AM writing a couple hundred words for Space Mine, trying to obscure the last enemy that has to last the next 30,000 words, to the end of the book. That trail has to be tougher, has to be the thing that ends the book on.

In the middle of the day it was duty for the Curious Collectors of Baker Street, our local Los Angeles Sherlock Holmes Scion. Which means a group of people who started out loving the works of Conan Doyle and now socialize with Sherlockian themes. I came to them because they started to throw dances. I like dancing. Over the years they have all become great friends.

That really wore me out, I served and cleared and coordinated between the kitchen and the master of ceremonies. My feet are still sore.

Then coming home I wrote some more bringing yesterday to nearly 1200 words for a saturday.

In addition I worked on the first page of the Time Commanders site and recorded video for the Eighth Wonder of the World Park

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