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Here on the last day of May I have been reviewing my word count and find that I have crossed over the 400,000 limit this last week. Since the last update I had entered all the changes of the second draft of Caution’s Heir so that is now finished completely and ready to be shopped around. I have composed a query letter and now must just find agents and editors to send this too.

Taking up the reins of the next project I struggled with an outline for another regency for several days and so revisited the manuscript of Terra’s Birthright. While the story and plot for that was decent, as I reread my earlier work nearly twenty years old, I find I am much better at the craft now than I was then. I have added to it, nearly 150 pages and this is one of the two projects I am working on concurrently to finish. I also have over forty pages of the manuscript now for the next regency, Two Peas in a Pod, the story of twins who are so close in appearance that they often switch roles with one another. I think that my regencies get better with each telling.

The Gratitude Log

1) Painter X–PastedGraphic6.WW7qOV829S32.jpgI have been playing with more and more and making pictures such as MomnDad-03-Flowerfinal.6cWhHeuOKNY8.jpg this.
2) We Rule–Screenshot2010-05-31at5.15.19PM.9OtGk0U1gONO.jpg a game for the iPhone and iPad in which I spend time every day growing my kingdom.
3) Cafe World–PastedGraphic.ACuYsMLDqzUM.jpg-another game. This one at Facebook. A great time waster also.
4) iPhone–PastedGraphic1.9pDPhYckO8O6.jpgWhich makes possible phone calls, music, games and so much more.
5) Exercise–I have been riding the stationary bike again this last week and that is a good feeling.

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