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Lord Falmont’s Muddle is finished two weeks after it began. I managed 359 pages or 107,000+ words.

The story of a lord who is responsible for seeing his two sisters launched into society. As he does this, returning from a long time away from his family, he meets the family of the neighbors of his country manor. They naturally fall into the same society as they are close in the country. Over this time our lord falls for the daughter of the neighboring lord. She also falls in love with our hero. The twist though is that the neighboring lord, father of our heroine has just remarried and our heroine does not know if she can trust her new mother.

She realizes that this colors her caring for our hero. When he offers for her she is unsure that she fell in love with our hero only because should she accept him, then she will be able to spy on her new mother and still see and support her father.

For January so far I am at 170,000 words and it is the 2nd most prolific span of time since I have been recording my output, with some more days to account for still.

My next work is :The Prize is not as Great as you think. This will be a Ruritanian Romance. I had begun to think of Anthony Hope’s 220px-Anthony_Hope_Hawkins_by_Alfred_Ellis_%26_Walery.VCnYJKU9dgJK.jpg great work, The Prisoner of Zenda 51RcgGgZclL._BO2%2C204%2C203%2C200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click%2CTopRight%2C35%2C-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_.yqqGlLNydzRb.jpga piece that not as many people seem to know as should.

I came to this realization when watching The Great Race 51IzjwrXmfL._SL500_AA300_.qHS68Sdxe36A.jpg over the holidays. So many know the movie with Professor Fate and the Great Leslie but don’t realize the European gag with Jack Lemmon playing double as Prince Hoepnick is the Prisoner of Zenda tale. So it is time for a retelling of these types of stories.

Not to plagiarize the entire story as some have done, (Royal Flash51Y1tPYoFeL._BO2%2C204%2C203%2C200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click%2CTopRight%2C35%2C-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_.gdAOpqKeTEMy.jpg) but to set them in these mitteleuropa settings. I started to research and found that the homages to The Prisoner of Zenda are abundant but that many other stories came out that were successful with the theme of a Ruritanian Romance.

The third chapter of Lord Falmont’s Muddle, marking the end of the project is revealed here:

3) We came all this way to meet the Neighbors

Fanny was content to sit in the window seat at the London House and look out at the world from it. It would still be a good half hour before she was disturbed by Lady Mary or her sister Beth. It was possible but doubtful that Henry would stir from his study until the women had made of themselves a comfortable place in the drawing room. Two days they had been out of mourning, and Beth was anxious to go to balls, routs and fetes all at once. Fanny should like to go and meet people but salons and art showings were more to her taste. Something quiet.

Fanny marveled at how nice the room was, and even Henry admitted that there was little he needed to change in the house. That it took up the best part of a block along the square did not speak to their father’s astute purchase but of his grandfather’s when the square was laid out. That the house though looked modern once inside was all of their father’s doing. Even the papering of the walls had been done last year, though the staff had mentioned that it was done each year. Their father having spent his monies here in London for that was where he was seen by society. It was why he had the latest and newest wall covering.

And fresh paint as well. Stepping into the foyer, a room whose rich red paint almost hid fine gold motifs that had been added throughout that made the color glow, marble slabs were spread across the floor with rugs from Persia and the Orient there and in other rooms whose carved wood doors were usually opened so that visitors could see their elegant display as well. Furniture by Chippendale and Wilkins, paintings by esteemed members of the Royal Academy, a Reynolds commanding the top of the stairwell at the landing of the first floor. The staff also said that just two years before William Wilkins had overseen renovations to the interior of the house and the extension of the west wing further into the gardens.

The drawing room where Fanny sat was rose colored, and the staff pointed out that if her father entertained in the room, he never wore his red hued clothing. He liked to contrast and not compliment, and since he did entertain quite often, there was another room in the new addition that was in dark colors where he could be seen presiding in his crimson colored clothing. The servants also had told her how the very next year the Marquess would alter the color schemes, and quite likely Rose would become Blue or Green, while the dark room might tinged in pale yellows. Each year a complete change.

Throughout the room, four settees and couches for guests to sit at, or the two tables with chairs enough that card games could ensue. One change Henry had made was placing a chess board upon a table. He was in the midst of a game against himself. He pointed out that he played cards, but had more than enough of playing such while in the army and at his club, when he would venture there. Now something he would do that mourning was over. Chess worked his mind he said in another way.

There was room for more than twenty and two window seats such as she sat in then. Even more could fit comfortably in the room. Along the sides, the furniture by both Chippendales, and a couple pieces that the architect had designed. While on two cabinets, an arrangement of flowers overflowed their vases, the work of the maids then rearranged by Lady Mary each day, two others had cast bronzes and ceramics. One piece the second half of a pair. The other piece had been at their mother’s house in Richmond. That mystery intrigued her and when she mentioned it to Henry, he could not provide her with any information. Their father had not spoken of it, and had hardly spoken to Henry since his return from Flanders and Waterloo.

That they all had little to do with their father and had been in the London House seldom, Henry more then they, had given Fanny more than enough that was new for her to explore. Beth however had been in the house an hour before she wished to go out. Lady Mary, quite correctly telling her at that time that she should not. She was still in half mourning then. Their governess did allow that Beth could begin a correspondence to her friends to let them know that she had arrived in town. All subject to Lady Mary’s inspection that nothing untoward was mentioned.

The first two letters, Beth had to correct for Lady Mary had decided that it was inappropriate to beg to be asked to a ball. She helped Beth rewrite the letters in such a way that it would not seem like she was pandering for an invitation. Then Lady Mary had cajoled Fanny into writing at least three letters herself. It had taken a good half hour for her to think of correspondents who would be in London that she could write to, and then compose the letters. None of which needed Lady Mary’s censoring.

Since then they had received some callers, notably the Duchess of Lincoln had arrived, without any of her children and said she was proud to meet her cousins. It had only been a few short years since she had been introduced into society but her position allowed her to make a great many introductions. In two days, the Duchess was to have them to tea and they were to meet several of her intimates. That satisfied Fanny no end. It however was but one item on a long list of things that Beth wished for her own season.

I also have had a cold, and even so, I kept my writing up with several 10000 word days. It influences my Gratitude Log, but I was surprised by the output as when I had the flu I could write nothing.

Gratitude Log

  1. Kleenex-Tissues–I blew my nose so much the first three days that it is chaped beyond repair. Well almost beyond repair. Without Kleenex though it would be a horror. I have used a handkerchief until it was a saturated. Not pretty.
  2. Vaseline–This saving device eases the pain from my nose be rubbed raw.
  3. Decongestants–And here the medicine stops the sneezing and dries me out.
  4. Europa Universalis–With all my games packed in storage, I watch those who can play games and make videos of them right now. One of the most interesting is Eurpoa Universalis 3. 51Woj5hOC4L._SL500_AA300_.WMHuIYU1ie9B.jpg Complex world domination from 1399 to 1835.
  5. Brian Malion–DSCN1402.mMe9vMNj42Q0.jpgThis friend of mine fits right up there with the discussion of Professor Fate and then back to the Prisoner of Zenda. At one of our CCOBS Curious Collector of Baker Street a Sherlock Holmes group, Brian one year for annual ball dressed as Professor Fate and then a few weeks later at Loscon, the science fiction convention for LA did the same costume. It was a riot.

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