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Two weeks into the year, I had a heart attack. it is hard to remember what my goal for the year was then, but I think perhaps it was to write 1,000,000 words for the year. At the end of the first two weeks though, i was on target for 1.5 having written 30K each week.

The heart attack changed that, as too did other events of the year. Bankruptcy, losing our house, trying to find a new house. These all took away from the task and pleasure of writing. The year ended though with having written 1,306,711 words. Over 25,000 words each week, and 108,000 words each month. I make no predictions about the next year. I need to pursue a day job as soon as we move and find a place to live.

My writing will be cut I am sure then.

I edited also this year, readying books. The Shattered Mirror is done and just awaiting a final copy edit from my friend Melinda before it goes to publication.

The End of The World PastedGraphic.5bLsW6Hc6HZk.jpg was published and has 93 sales through Regency Assembly Press

My total word count is now 3,190,404

Writing and where we are at, what I have accomplished:

Amount of writing, number of words, number of pages

Book Title
Words written in 2010
# of Pages
Born to Grace II, The Turmoil
The Shattered Mirror (A Regency Romance)
Beggars Can’t Be Choosier (A Regency Romance)
Two Peas in a Pod (A Regency Romance)
Terra’s Birthright
Steam and Thunder
Tempest and Sword
Succession Crisis
The Three Lastoleers
You Ought to Trust Your Mother (A Regency Romance)
By the Book
KoTohLan II-Hoveria 100,013 333

Total                        1,306,711        4,356

Synopsis of the Books Written

Born to Grace 2 The Turmoil

This is part of a trilogy, the Born to Grace series. Here Caradoc the son of a duke, third in line to his father’s title starts the series as a squire to a prince of his realm. Now, after adventures in the first book, he is becoming a battle general. A very good one. Also a very good fighter. At his side an effective magus and they help defend their realm which at the start of the book is doing it’s best to help it’s neighbor settle a civil war.

By the end of the book they will be involved in their own civil war as relations of the king try to take power.

The Shattered Mirror (A Regency Romance)

Our hero is a retired sea-captain, wounded in the Napoleonic conflict and our heroine is having her first London season. The war is over and our heroine looks forward to meeting all sorts of eligible men who have been away fighting the war. Little does she realize that the best man she meets is the broken sea-captain that she had grown up near.

Beggars Can’t Be Choosier (A Regency Romance)

Our hero is a near penniless as a lord can be. Wishing to make a name for himself in politics, but not able to find 100 pounds a year to live on with estates rented to pay off debts that his family has incurred. Into his life comes a very rich heiress who has no status, but tremendous wealth. They strike a deal to join together and each shall realize their dreams of status and a political life before they shall part.

Two Peas in a Pod (A Regency Romance)

Two identical brothers return to London society from Waterloo not wishing to do more then rest from years of war. Little do they realize that their lives shall be turned upside down by a pretty smile. Except the one they wish to see they fear is meant for the other and as they switch places with each other, confusion ensues.

Terra’s Birthright

Expanding to the stars, mankind is controlled by the richest planets. This is fine until the colonies begin to think they should have a say also. Someone, on some planet, will be the vote that starts and avalanche of changing how mankind governs itself, or how it will still be governed. Dealing with those concepts in the future as we have dealt with them in the past, is what is explored here.

Steam and Thunder

The first of a duology, what happens if the steam engine was invented in a time period similar to Henry the II? Will the neighboring countries sit still for such technological advances? Will the nobility be quiet as their lands are denuded of men seeking a better life and working in the factories where this new tech is used?

Tempest and Sword

The second book of the duology, we see how those citizens now think they should have some say in their lives. How still the neighbors have issue with one country possessing the technology that advances them further than anyone else.

Succession Crisis

In a world where we see the crisis like Henry VIII to Edward VI. Here though the regents will be out to carve up the kingdom and even have a hand in the kings death, as we see the world through the heir’s eyes and worry that his head won’t be long on his shoulders should the regents have their way. The neighboring countries also want to ensure that the country our hero will rule does not grow powerful and divided regents or a young king is an opportunity to break the kingdom.

The Three Lastoleers (Star Musketeers)

What if the universe, several millenia from now adopts the very essence of Dumas’ France of the 3 Musketeers? What if we see our favorite characters in space?

You Ought to Trust Your Mother (A Regency Romance)

For NaNoWriMo 2010, a regency focusing on a young girl of great beauty realizing that man do not see her other qualities until she meets a lord who she really thinks misses her essence. The truth is he sees her better than any other and our heroine’s mother believes him to be an excellent match. What young girl wants to trust her mother in such things.

By The Book

Not wanting to be a warrior, and not wanting to follow in his father’s footsteps, our hero is stuck, for he is good at being a warrior. He knows though he could be better and reads about it. He reads ancient tomes and adapts those thoughts to his own situations. He writes these down to help train his friends to be better at warfare and they are. Good enough that the local lords see it and through all their success, our hero advances to lead the armies, though his hatred of war is ever growing.

KoTohLan II-Hoveria

This is part of a seven book series. The first was written in 2009. Here the idea is that the gods saw many years before our current events that the ruling dynasty they favored had those who would destroy it from within as well as without. They hid our hero with the aid of some influential people from those who took over. Now the hero is grown and finds he is the heir of the old dynasty. The empire of 7 kingdoms also has been crumbling. He is to visit each kingdom, one per book, and do heroic actions that bring the people behind him to reunite the broken empire. This book sees him forming an army in the southern most kingdom. It teaches him to be a general. A skill he will need to build and also gain the loyalty of men for the threats should only continue to grow in the following books.



Books that were read (reviews can be found at David’s Reading List) :

1) Julie & Julia         1__%23%24%21%40%25%21%23__PastedGraphic.hi7PA0WGcYd0.jpg

2) A God in Ruins        PastedGraphic1.kFt9HnI3xfGb.jpg

3) The Fireseed War         1__%23%24%21%40%25%21%23__1__%23%24%21%40%25%21%23__PastedGraphic.A6TS4mlsXOLD.jpg

4)Mrs. Kaputnik’s Pool Hall and Matso Ball Emporium          1__%23%24%21%40%25%21%23__PastedGraphic1.ryOshBpspLml.jpg

5)The Keeper’s Son         PastedGraphic2.LmTOs2YOeWGk.jpg

6) Servant of a Dark God        PastedGraphic3.Cvi6FBZZu5Gj.jpg

7) The Lost Fleet:Victorious        PastedGraphic4.xbraOEX7LvRW.jpg

8) Jane Austen’s Guide to Good Manners        PastedGraphic5.t5WiF8lVbq1l.jpg

9)The Time of Terror        PastedGraphic6.mTxV81qHnbIg.jpg

10)The Art of Digital Photo Painting        PastedGraphic7.bhDFy2ozPwQf.jpg

11) Hidden Empire        PastedGraphic8.fT0C0ldJrIbe.jpg

12)The Red Wolf Conspiracy        PastedGraphic9.dDfudorcGXGY.jpg

13)Confessions of a Jane Austen Addict         PastedGraphic10.1xVNz7XPvMvw.jpg

14)Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict         PastedGraphic11.rbNl8WQY4rdx.jpg

15)A Forest of Stars        PastedGraphic12.myKjoXkXnSih.jpg

16)Horizon Storms        PastedGraphic13.tne7YwaB5YR5.jpg

17) Scattered Suns        PastedGraphic14.i3Xv6L9bUhFv.jpg

18)Of Fire and Night        PastedGraphic15.9iUEr6gIdDtw.jpg

19)Metal Swarm        PastedGraphic16.5qKjEVXICOs9.jpg

20)Maelstrom        PastedGraphic17.bPaiYNscQ1hx.jpg
21)The Ashes of Worlds        PastedGraphic18.J1ud4vLTU7p2.jpg

22)Irons in the Fire        PastedGraphic19.4eNgFM7SCCox.jpg

23)Invasion        PastedGraphic20.B2Qo8BfmtQf3.jpg

24) The Edge of the World         PastedGraphic21.ZjAVDcU8qI86.jpg

25)In the Stormy Red Sky        PastedGraphic22.kz418QrrVJkh.jpg

26) Blood on the Water        PastedGraphic23.6aLHABm8Sfuc.jpg

27) The Accidental Billionaires        PastedGraphic24.2gVwLVskRT8H.jpg

28) Towers of Midnight        PastedGraphic25.bmaKkW5GrHGN.jpg

29)Banner in the Wind         PastedGraphic26.58toKBThKtX9.jpg

30)The House of Durrow Street         PastedGraphic27.yzHUoaeKPYHK.jpg

31) Little Fuzzy         FuzzyPapers%2CThe%3ALittleFuzzyandFuzzySapiens.HIJlb6a1gybg.jpg

32) The Way of Kings        2__%23%24%21%40%25%21%23__PastedGraphic.eq3gBkdibCOr.jpg

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The recovery continues.

Occasionally I feel pretty good and feel that I can do a lot. I ride my stationary bike and find that after 3/4’s of a mile, that is not true. We walk for half an hour and I can barely move. Not there yet.

I can sit and type though. I crossed the threshold of 500 pages for 2010 earlier today. In the last few weeks I have begun writing daily again, though a break is upon us. Cheryl and I are house hunting and so must leave the writing aside for a short time. While continuing on these last weeks, finished the second book in the Born to Grace Trilogy. Have now started a new Regency Romance titled The Shattered Mirror. Since yesterday have reached 10 pages…

The Proof arrived from the print house for The End of the World. Looked good so Regency Assembly Press is in business. We are selling the book. You can get it at the press or Here.
PastedGraphic.w7nf85zh1qvL.jpg (click on the picture)

Gratitude Log for the day:

  1. Philipe’s–For those not Los Angeleno’s it is not pronounced the way one would think. It actually is pronounced with a latino spelling, like Felipe. Fell EEp A’s. The home of the French Dip. Cheryl had never been (but she isn’t really a native. She came out when she was an infant. Dad came here as a child and brought us here as a child. It was good and tasty, but not as good as I remember it. Less sawdust on the floors, more crowds… Still an LA Landmark.1__%23%24%21%40%25%21%23__PastedGraphic.7yca08UHSr7u.jpgPastedGraphic1.g6glhlryHXxk.jpg
  2. The Whitcombs–Ianimages.s1snvadNsl5x.jpg is an international recording phenomena, and a good friend. The Father of Irish Rock and Roll. I have been friends with Regina since the movie Babe and Braveheart were out. They love to come and visit and go to extful200x250.uYzJKyLsPDFo.jpgYe Olde Ship. Big order of Fish and Chips for me! (Still miss the John Bull… That was a great place)
  3. Regency Assembly Press!-We are established and growing. Interest even in having another author join the site. Sales of the book are ongoing! Get one here:PastedGraphic.IuGc59sc4DlH.jpg We are on Amazon, and should have a Kindle version up later this week. Even ready for the iPad!
  4. Warm Boots–1__%23%24%21%40%25%21%23__PastedGraphic1.pMUlsxcaVkGj.jpgThe dog has been eating mine so cheap faux Ugg replacements are a necessity. Big 5 had a sale!
  5. Hemet-Homes in Hemet are not too expensive. It is a possibility and still close enough to see parents on occasion…

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Just outside looking in the garage for my safari hat. Want to take a picture of me post heart attack and could not find it. The misplaced things and what they mean to us… There I was speeding along in January, averaging more than 30,000 words a week. Doing very well and on the 15th it came to a halt as I had a heart attack, the most intense of any since I had the first in August of 2004.

I have been continuing work on the Born to Grace trilogy, and at this time, the end of February, I have written an additional 75K words in 2010. But since the heart attack the recovery has been slow. I have not written as much as I would have liked. Yesterday and today I went to the websites of George RR Martin and Patrick Rothfuss to see if they have any valid reasons for their own delinquent writings. Then I compared with Brandon Sanderson and see that the first two are just in denial that they are not the craftsmen they have been telling everyone they are.

Was it Steve Jobs that told his people that real programmers ship product. I recognize that I have to get back to writing. The first few weeks when I got home, it was hard to sit, and then until recently the amount of drugs has left me nauseated every day.

That has now merged to house hunting on the internet. We are about to be kicked out of this house. So now we are looking for a new place to live.

In the story I also had a bit of a problem for I could not see the forest for the trees. I knew that I wanted to finish my northern battles and still make things tough in the south, but I have been giving my heroes too many wins. They need a loss or two. So faced with that, I have to weave in a change.

Gratitude Log for the day:

  1. Good Health-This feels a lot better now then it did before. Eleven days in the hospital.
  2. St Jude–We have a very good hospital near by.
  3. Big Mac’s–I don’t eat them as often as I did when I was younger. But the few times I have had them post heart attack, (very few) the are so yummy in contrast to what my mouth mostly tastes like.PastedGraphic.VcomTLh9BeGJ.jpg
  4. Generic Prescription price wars–Wal Mart and Target having $4 a month for generic drugs is great and you don’t even have to have insurance.
  5. The Internet–Great way to pass time every day.

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Writing and where we are at, what I have accomplished:

1 Space Mine 97,915
2 Graces of Brantley 112,871
3 Colonel Pen 98,362
4 KoTohLan 144,672
5 The End of the World 101,376
6 Trevanion’s Legend 36,238
Roses War
Born to Grace II


This last week of the year I started new work on Born to Grace II which is the middle book of my big fat trilogy. The first big weighed in at 210,000+ words. I had written the first 39K words about 20 years ago and so it has taken effort to return to it. I finished the first draft of Roses War which I started I think in the Redondo Beach years (between 93 and 98) It was about 12,000 when I started it and on monday we got the book to 126,000+ Also this year we have finished the markups for the 2nd edition of Caution’s Heir but have not typed them into the computer. We have done the first 4 chapters of The End of the World, and have entered those into the computer. It nearly growing by 2K which will be recorded when the book moves into the 2nd draft column.

I started the year having written approximately 1.15 million words. This year I increased that total by over 63%

One of the great things of 2009, not that there was many things that were great, was that three of the seven writing projects that I had at the beginning of the year were finished. Trevanion’s Legend, and Roses War were very old projects, and Space Mine started sometime last year now finished. Then four books completely created out of nothing this year.


Books that were read (reviews can be found at David’s Reading List) :
1) Two tales of Korval         PastedGraphic.kedll2i6nsle.jpg
2) Fellow Travelers          PastedGraphic1.Zvb6Lse2aJTp.jpg
3) The Light Ages         PastedGraphic2.oNxNfdw1wIZY.jpg
4) The Yiddish Policemen’s Union         PastedGraphic3.j5rzuFoKE6pv.jpg
5) The Dark is Rising         PastedGraphic4.5PGtFJXlaraU.jpg
6) The Fallen Angels         PastedGraphic9.pAukEJlQGiWx.jpg
7) Starrise at Corrivale         PastedGraphic8.Vso4HFSdzCTH.jpg
8) At Ambeleaf Fair         PastedGraphic7.cqhKG8r3bU1m.jpg
9) Venetia         PastedGraphic6.ntMazbd1vuwu.jpg
10) The Coffee Trader         PastedGraphic5.GVd7mKTdC7vw.jpg
11) Italian Neighbors         PastedGraphic11.v1feYqAwixrA.jpg
12) The Final Empire         PastedGraphic10.3TsTZcXLYZNE.jpg
13) Do Not Disturb         PastedGraphic13.eOnHuC1SvOXg.jpg
14) Service for Two         PastedGraphic12.wDjNSjjCrVqx.jpg
15) The Missing Manual:OS X Leopard         PastedGraphic14.rboB8mrZCLbi.jpg
16) Eat, Drink, and be Buried         PastedGraphic15.I1LTLGNXZVO0.jpg
17) Check-out Time         PastedGraphic16.U3XUcM7sxcNu.jpg
18) Grounds for Murder         PastedGraphic18.1AXxKgp7xFhp.jpg
19) Northworld         PastedGraphic17.uHMVdYsP70Cn.jpg
20) The Way of Shadows         PastedGraphic20.r5MU8H5GjXRz.jpg
21) Shadow’s Edge         PastedGraphic19.mcNZ6QZxvXiK.jpg
22) The Unofficial Guide to Las Vegas 2008        PastedGraphic22.DDYUy1KcngMA.jpg
23) The Name of the Wind         PastedGraphic21.8VMq2gHDitBK.jpg
24) Beyond the Shadows         PastedGraphic24.wG4bBmdI8OJS.jpg
25) Wrath of a Mad God         PastedGraphic23.zjRHeClxGFG2.jpg
26) Creating Web Sites         PastedGraphic25.pLsT14FzYQQs.jpg
27) Rides a Dread Legion        PastedGraphic26.3NxIj1n0vBkx.jpg
28) Pay the Piper         PastedGraphic27.wmkaCMXearDo.jpg
29) No Quarter         PastedGraphic28.nrFiRoTfFSkm.jpg
30) The War of Knives         PastedGraphic29.ry2zPsMCFFRM.jpg
31) Chivalry is Dead         PastedGraphic30.KEY2N0DDAh03.jpg
32) Self-Editing for Fiction Writers         PastedGraphic32.QcnZ56qYYiCa.jpg
33) Before they are Hanged         PastedGraphic31.eETqSg7XhWv3.jpg
34) Medicus         PastedGraphic34.MFHWWUJg7JZn.jpg
35) Persona Non Grata         PastedGraphic33.3E3L7j7bv0nX.jpg
36) Hussar in Winter         PastedGraphic35.TGYXjKkA65pg.jpg
37) A Conspiracy of Paper         PastedGraphic36.mDINBBRxMRzx.jpg
38) A Spectacle of Corruption         PastedGraphic38.12dClG6Jh9J7.jpg
39) The Devil’s Company         PastedGraphic37.0Ux8nEocy7i9.jpg
40) New Spring         PastedGraphic40.hQLxw5Pbsfep.jpg
41) Ring for Tomb Service         PastedGraphic39.vqsSUbVABLNy.jpg
42) The Eye of the World         PastedGraphic42.bDqu5ElWk39i.jpg
43) The Great Hunt         PastedGraphic41.R2RTTAmggne2.jpg
44) The Dragon Reborn         PastedGraphic44.10GPbXlMrhOx.jpg
45) My Life in France         PastedGraphic43.ivRyV4yaKpZ0.jpg
46) Wellington’s Generals         PastedGraphic45.sAh8hWZHGL26.jpg
47) The Shadow Rising         PastedGraphic46.ABcFA1fuaCuG.jpg
48) The Fires of Heaven         PastedGraphic47.wjWIR0DBvAce.jpg
49) Lord of Chaos         PastedGraphic48.3hUtEbJl8pbY.jpg
50) A Crown of Swords         PastedGraphic50.XzvNX9ngI19T.jpg
51) The Path of Daggers         PastedGraphic49.jKz5ZHLfK8xz.jpg
52) Winter’s Heart         PastedGraphic52.KGvkvPA64fq7.jpg
53) Crossroads of Twilight         PastedGraphic51.5bo6dWTZ3PIf.jpg
54) Knife of Dreams         PastedGraphic53.kbIpedSH15iL.jpg
55) Storm from the Shadows         PastedGraphic54.srKLUdzELC7I.jpg
56) By Heresies Distressed         PastedGraphic55.vuqNeQ20gjFW.jpg
57) Victory of Eagles         PastedGraphic56.7rpIH7vm7mEj.jpg
58) Into the Storm         PastedGraphic58.htukkkJERD8P.jpg
59) Relentless         PastedGraphic57.RcmgQDKW8cDh.jpg
60) The Gathering Storm         PastedGraphic59.IbF6AihM5eSZ.jpg
61) Vimeiro 1808         PastedGraphic61.nXdMW54v7BaO.jpg
62) The Blind Side         PastedGraphic60.gONwgqx7btgJ.jpg
63) Crusade         PastedGraphic62.pJnPdH8Ok1Bu.jpg
64) The Alchemist’s Apprentice         PastedGraphic64.amLJg4GFEBRi.jpg
65) The Eagle in The Sand         PastedGraphic63.0ps3cmCW01J2.jpg
66) The Scourge of God         PastedGraphic65.Q4yRsrxgTKF3.jpg

My Gratitude Log for the year:

  1. Cheryl-P1000802.uWsMggjO9T86.jpg A horrible year would have been made unbearable if not for Cheryl.
  2. Writing- This has kept be sane this year. I hope that 2400 pages will account for something in 2010 but it did occupy my time and I think has been worthwhile. As the entry devoted to writing shows, I have worked on 8 books this year, 2 science fictions, 4 fantasies, 1 historical novel, and 1 regency romance.
  3. Friends and Family-DSCN1497.zFNfGa3ENde9.jpg DSCN1541.uoNcbjnkhmJB.jpg 20091213_Wilkin_IMG_0867.YoK89sJlOcjC.jpg We had our losses and our weddings this year. We had a big family reunion and lots of good parties. Friends moved and others had wonderful occasions.
  4. Pets–DSCN1481.GKXCtwR9NeuR.jpgDSCN1482.WnWJi7kHxiU8.jpgDSCN1774.MI4QHqeIqIno.jpgP1010042.W0qfpzdp0Zft.jpg our little family grew by a turtle and two cats… We inherited Flash from Cheryl’s father, then picked up Mefistofolees, and Licorice.
  5. Apple Computer-1__%23%24%21%40%25%21%23__PastedGraphic.JdlxcWOnnS5T.jpg1__%23%24%21%40%25%21%23__PastedGraphic2.Kn865UenqsGw.jpgAlmost every day there is something that makes using these machines better and better and gets me access to things I need and want more easily and more quickly.

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Today is the last of the synopses, and I guess we will do excerpts of various things going forward.

The remaining three:

  • Roses War
  • Star Musketeers
  • Born to Grace II

Roses War

The war of the Roses in our history is that of cousins hashing it out for who will be king of England. So an English based world, A clannish culture in the north, a family culture in the west, the main kingdom very feudal english like. The King during his wild youth as Prince with his cousin, developed the clap. So he really could not father any children. His Aunt, older than his father, who not the strongest of kings, always wanted to push her own children to rule. Her Son, was not such a great candidate, but his son was excellent. Both she and the King realized this and he became the kingdoms marshall, a supporter of his cousin.
        When the king died and the Prince became king, he arranged for his bride to sleep with his cousin so that the baby crown prince was really the marshalls. On top of this the STD was killing the new king, but the marshall, our hero, finding that he had been used to father the crown prince, left court and has been nursing a beer for two years. Until his grandmother sends for him to put his father on the throne, over what he knows is his child.
        The war that ensues stems from this.

Star Musketeers

The name suggests that D’artagnan, Aramis, Athos, and Porthos have found their way into space. And that is the idea. The main characters have those traits and the story is set in a kingdom that is remarkably like France. There is also Cyrano and his bakery too.

Born to Grace II

Here the second, middle book of the trilogy, we have the lovers facing the inevitability of their positions. As the princess must wed the heir to the northern kingdom, our usurper pushes the hero and one of his nephew princes north to deliver the bride, where betrayal is made as the coup takes place and death reigns across much of the kingdom. We are caught unawares of these events and see much of the preparation of the enemy leading up to the events. What the enemy does not appreciate is that our heroes do things so well before that they must keep changing their plans to achieve their dishonest ends.

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