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I just passed the milestone I have been working on for months. 1,200,000 Words for the year. 4000 pages.

Excellent feeling.

Last night I reached the last chapter of By the Book. The chapter was to have three scenes, getting our hero to a ceremony, the ceremony, and then what happens with the menacing enemy that has been working itself into the story for most of the last two-thirds of the book.

It was coming along very well, and I was conscious of my goal number getting closer. Then Cheryl took over the computer so my writing ended for the day.

Today we had an errand for six hours, but I finally got back into the writing and was able to reach the final tape. Like a runner at the end of the race…

There is more to write, the second scene in the chapter has not finished, nor have I then gotten to the third scene.

I will.

I also have to choose the next project which I think will be KoTohLan book two. I am rereading KoTohLan to remember what I wrote. I know that I have to really flesh out the other books, the plan being that it is a seven book series, one book per country of the old empire. I have to reread and look at my notes to see how much work I had

The way I got to 1,200,000 words is as follows

Book Title
Words written in 2010
# of Pages
Born to Grace II, The Turmoil
The Shattered Mirror (A Regency Romance)
Beggars Can’t Be Choosier (A Regency Romance)
Two Peas in a Pod (A Regency Romance)
Terra’s Birthright
Steam and Thunder
Tempest and Sword
Succession Crisis
The Three Lastoleers
You Ought to Trust Your Mother (A Regency Romance)
By the Book

There are also some pages devoted to the editing of second drafts as well.

Three weeks to go, though I expect there will be little time between xmas and New Years to write as we hope to moving into the house at that time.

At the moment though, we have The Gratitude Log

  1. Fleece-What a great thing and cheap too. I have a fleece jacket i got in Alaska that keeps me very warm. It has been lower than 40 at night here.
  2. The Green Bay PackersPackers.com%2CtheofficialwebsiteoftheGreenBayPackers.Y1lrtZn7XvbW.jpg my favorite team and now 8 and 4 for the season. Go Pack!
  3. AmazonAmazon.com_OnlineShoppingforElectronics%2CApparel%2CComputers%2CBooks%2CDVDs%26more.5Meh5FLJAtNP.jpgWish lists, iphone aps, the prime shipping deal. It is just way too easy to shop. Brick and mortar will never disappear, but a lot of stores will, and small retail business will have to work hard to think how to adapt.
  4. email–in 1994 I was learning to love the internet. Where were all of you, eh? But as I was, I would buy books, sure what little web we had, and attend lectures. One I did at a Borders Book store, had a speaker who had placed his email address on his business card and said that in the next few years (he meant before 2000) we all would do so. And we did. Email is great. I just wish syncing worked like it should and there was no junk mail.
  5. Border Book StoresPastedGraphic.dQSgFCcQkz80.jpgJust as I love Amazon, i love Borders as well. Amazon has a ton of stuff and they do it well. They do books well also. But they do not do browsing as well as you can do if you are at a book store. I shall miss this store if they succumb. It is a great place to hang. B&N the rival, I shall always remember for the remaindered catalog on old newsprint that used to come out. They are nice, but Borders I always felt had a more homey feeling.

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When Writing, I record my progress now daily, and by week and month.

My writing week is Monday through Sunday. It had to start sometime and by doing Monday to Sunday, and then dividing how many weeks there have been in a year and multiplying by 52, or days there have been by 365, I can make estimates of where I will be after a year.

Even though now I can comfortably write 20 pages a day, 6000 words, having the time to do so before we settle into Hemet and begin a job hunt, I have used the gauge to monitor my capabilities. Where when I started 2 pages was hard to find the time to do, now I do ten times that. When I started NaNoWriMo at the beginning of November, I was worried that commitments for the house hunting and purchase would take me away from writing so I wanted to get 8000 words a day, and then the next level is 10000 words a day, which I have done on occasion and think I could make a habit of.

I finished the NaNoWriMo novel in 14 days

                Day                        Word Count
Day 1        8045
Day 2        8253
Day 3        8597
Day 4        8609
Day 5        4081
Day 6 & 7        8448
Day 8        8302
Day 9        8195
Day 10        4201
Day 11        8363
Day 12        6202
Day 13 & 14        12419

You can see that I combine Saturdays and Sundays together and sometimes I don’t write on one or the other. (This last Saturday, the 4th, I did not write anything because of The Brea Borders Writers Group and then staying in Brea area all day.)

You Ought to Trust Your Mother YOTTYM-1inch.vHipGoYMqqLJ.jpg finished at 93, 715 words according to Scrivener, and 5 more than that when I uploaded it to the NaNoWriMo site

A good feeling but it did not mean I finished writing on November 14th for the month of November. I added almost 61,000 more words after that, working on the Conquest Story, now having a working title of By the Book. My November Count shows I wrote 154,657 but that is not how I count months for my word count. If a month does not end on a sunday, then I record the figures until it becomes Sunday, and I start it on the first monday of the month after writers group. The Brea Borders Writers Group meets on the first Saturday, so November did not start for my accounting of writing until the 8th. The first Saturday was the 6th, so that was the last week of my October still. The first week of my November then being the Monday following the first Saturday Started on the 8th and just ended yesterday.

4 weeks of writing, on You Ought to Trust Your Mother, and By the Book, a total of 126,904 words.

Now once I finished the NaNoWriMo project I felt a lot of pressure for 2010 was off. It came out well in the 2 weeks I wrote it, showing me I can write a long book in that time. (20+ books a year pace.)

When the year started, I wanted 30,000 words a week, 1.5 million a year. But at week 3 of January, I had that heart attack and really didn’t write much for 2 months. I also readdressed my goals and thought that 3000 pages might be more optimistic to push for.

As the year continued, I made that goal to be 4000 pages, or 100,000 words each month. 1,200,000 words by the end of the year. Today, this morning we are at 1,176.309. About 79 pages from the finish line. So I’ve added another 50,000 word to the goal for the next four weeks (My 2010 for writing will end on the 2nd)

What also will take up my time this month, is the house purchase, lining up workmen and purchase of appliances and flooring ready to go if we sign on Christmas Eve (My folks sign, they are buying the house and we are renting from them. But we have to do all the footwork.)

The Brea Borders Writers Group

Each month for nine years, though we cancel on some holiday weekends, we meet at the Borders in Brea California for our writing group. Currently we are six members, and three of us were able to gather for nearly 4 hours on Saturday. The first two and half we talked about the process of writing, about inspiration, about not closing yourself off to other novels and television for inspiration, about character studies and traits of people from real life. We talked about lap bands and Leonard Cohen We talked about songwriting for poetry. Then we did our readings. I was introducing my heroine and the team pointed out one thing that I needed to add to her character.

The Gratitude Log

  1. Cereal–it is how I start my morning, and it is getting a little boring but it meets the Diabetes and Heart requirements I think. 1 bowl every weekday.
  2. Vector Graphics–Can’t really find a freeware or shareware one for the Macintosh. Have been using Numbers PastedGraphic3.qlCQ1XE9aYIE.jpgto solve that problem. I will have a movie up for By the Book showing how I used it and show off the battle sequences on it.
  3. Inkjet Printers & Scanners–Saves the need for faxing. Print out whatever form someone needs me to sign, then sign it, scan it and email it back
  4. Arco Gasoline– PastedGraphic2.T76pAyWhWns2.jpgThis is still one of the best buys for gas out here and certainly is saving us money during the recession. Even if it is a BP company and they leaked oil into the gulf. We save everytime we fill up. Why don’t any other chains figure that out?
  5. Reading–Without it the great number of stories I think up would be the poorer

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