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Christmas should be a good time to be grateful and since no one gifted me on Christmas, I have in my Gratitude Log for the day:

  1. Empire Total WarPastedGraphic1.ohoqjp05PQfz.jpgI started playing this game as the United Provinces, the Dutch, which many of the gamers on YouTube have problems playing. After a few turns I started to do well. They have to attack a power in India, some minor holdings of the great powers in the new world, and just a few provinces near them in Europe, like Flanders. Doing that makes the Spanish angry since its theirs and the French are allied to the Spanish. Good use of Diplomacy make the Spanish back down, but the French can’t seem to forget after peace was signed, they couldn’t let go so they attacked later on. Can you imagine the Dutch destroying the French and setting up control of Paris in the early 1700’s? Then the Spanish seemed to feel threatened by that so they attack, only to fine Madrid having an influx of Wooden Shoe wearing soldiers. Then a great deal of their holdings in the new world fall also… What fun. PastedGraphic10.AaGYjlbtqHLq.jpgPastedGraphic9.OCkAwa11wkX2.jpgPastedGraphic11.xNm2De9PujF3.jpgPastedGraphic2.mReOpYHvyfHI.jpgPastedGraphic4.LdYAcPAmmD9Y.jpgPastedGraphic5.oITxbv5II8ud.jpgPastedGraphic6.RycWuhgraNE3.jpgPastedGraphic7.sMSWraRlli9N.jpgPastedGraphic8.7JXodinVyVm2.jpg
  2. BiscottiPastedGraphic.fSTTYeOOJC6m.jpgWe picked some up at Costco the other day and we needed them for snacking.
  3. Constant Comment tea- PastedGraphic3.sAKA9lbP3wzj.jpg This is one of our favorites. Just a well balanced taste.
  4. Baseball caps–The hair has started to thin and a handy baseball cap is a quick cover
  5. Movies–We went and saw Avatar at the Imax, and Cheryl remembered how much she enjoyed going out to see movies.Screenshot2009-12-26at1.32.20PM.kQDJENi2mWKE.jpgScreenshot2009-12-26at1.33.11PM.7NDa3QWxBpsP.jpgScreenshot2009-12-26at1.33.31PM.g600AiXNHV0D.jpgScreenshot2009-12-26at1.33.00PM.Nw3GYBeVurFa.jpg

My progress on writing slowed this week as I played Empire Total War. But Roses War is near it’s end. The Battle took much longer to write, this was the second battle, the civil war sequence. One of the challenges is that a general should not pull their sword but be around for the big picture, which in a medieval setting you must use different terminology.

I do, but the set-up, the fight took chapters and a great deal of pages. In addition, a general would have a lot of lieutenants, staff that have to be reduced to a number the reader and i can keep track of. Then our hero does have to pull his sword at some time. Else the action would be a little dry.

Roses war has grown by 21,000 plus words this week, it is over 111,000 words now.

Then there is editing The End of the World. Have gone through 2 chapters, and added about 1000 word to the 12000 words that comprised those two chapters. At this rate it might end up at 110,000 words when finished.

For the year my writing total as of Christmas 2009 is 689,000 words.

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