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I have written every day this week actually. With the new month we wanted to do at least 1250 words a day, upped to 1500, which had been my semi-goal at the beginning of April when I planned out the rest of the year of writing. The intention at that time was to create a realistic plan to finish up Space Mine and Graces with about 30,000 words a month, 1500 words each weekday.

So as of this week, it is 10,000 words for the week. 76,694 words since last months meeting of the Brea Borders Writing Group. Graces is finished at 110,650 and I edited in the changes to Chapter 1, went and had coffee with Tom/Evron on Tuesday and started on chapter 2. Space mine has reached 69.5K in length and I am nearing the end of Chapter 12. Another scene and then on to the last 3 chapters, though with the scene I show below, things have taken a little divergence.


I am working on my Time Commanders Website, my homage to Rome Total War.


And I have done a bunch more slides for my parents. Found pictures of the 40th wedding anniversary of my grandparents. They had an accordion player which prompted me to learn the accordion for about a year

Here is some of what I have been working on, the premise in Space Mine being what if the President of the US makes a surprise stop at the moon, a center piece to his economic recovery:

Chapter Twelve
“What we have found surprising by all the hoopla around the festivities here at UseEm, is the announcement moments ago…” The camera jerked, clearly being carried as the reporter, Amber Dawson, fought her way forward, amidst a crowd of people. “Sorry for that. You can only imagine the excitement everyone is feeling at the surprise visit of the President. We are almost in position here at the airlock docking facility.”
“Yes Amber, we can see you.”
“As you can imagine Stan, security is tight. Very tight. The Space Marines are out in force and have created a cordon around the airlock. We only were notified ten minutes ago, when the space shuttle carrying the President and his staff were on final approach.”
“Can you tell us Amber, what the president will be doing while at UseEm?”
Hector watched the vid screen. He had turned it on a few minutes before when a staffer burst in to his office and told him what was happening. Hector had talked the prior day to McCallister and Senator Goldman who was up at UseEm preparing to receive the Titanic into its parking orbit and then gentle descent to the moon. The catcher team was to leave for the rock in a few hours. Senator Goldman had not mentioned one word that led Hector to believe that the personnel on the Vandenburg shuttle were anyone other than military bigwigs.
“As I am sure you and everyone on earth knows, tomorrow we expect to see the docking of the rock Titanic. A historic first for UseEm and the project here to start extracting mineral wealth for the nations of earth form the asteroid belt. I spent the morning with the Chinese Ambassador to the United States, and also Mr. Pak Leung who is the newest appointee to the Politburo and we discussed how vital UseEm is to the worlds industrial efforts. I am sure that the President will wish to use this opportunity to cement that role.”
Hector was sure also. What a great press coup. It would have taken too many days right before the election, and now after, he had plenty of time to venture up to the moon. The man was going to look like a hero, and Hector was completely out of the news cycle.
“Here comes Commander Bryce McCallister. Commander, commander McCallister a moment please,” McCallister was wandering with an escort to get to the airlock door. There was a countdown clock over the door, so all could see that there were a few more minutes before the shuttle coupling would be completed and the President would emerge.
“Amber, well isn’t this a great day for UseEm and the OSO project.”
“Yes commander. This is Amber Dawson with Commander Bryce McCallister, the top man of the United States mission to the moon. About to greet his boss, the President of the United States. A historic moment to be sure. Commander, any comments?”
Bryce smiled, and Hector realized he was standing and had been since he had flipped a vidchannel open. “As you might imagine, I was able to speak to the President a few minutes ago as the shuttle he is on, which is designated, Space Ship One, another first, Amber, began to make docking connections. The President will no doubt tell you he had a great voyage and is looking forward to his first moon steps. I think I speak for every member of the UseEm team and OSO project that it is a great honor to have President Mariner here.”
“Can you share with us his reasoning for the visit?”
Bryce paused and looked at the camera. The CNN crew had joined her and clearly a second light was shinning on McCallister. “I can’t tell you for certain what the president has in mind, but I can take an educated guess.” The perky blonde nodded, “Well, with two representatives of China here at the moment, and such trading partners as Saudi Arabia, Ukrania, Georgia that’s the country, the UK and Germany on hand for the event tomorrow, having our elected leader, as the vote showed just last tuesday, here to host, clearly says that the US is back in business.”
He was working the media. Bryce had never worked the media. That was one reason Hector liked him in charge of UseEm. That the man could be relied on to be low key. The two news services had reporters on the moon for over a month and Bryce had given them one interview. Then the election night sound bite. Now this. Hector had provided more than fifty interviews since the bomb blast on the moon. There had been no photo op with the president, only the secretary of commerce. “Vivian, I want to be at Vandenburg when the president returns to earth. Let space command know.” He toggled his intercom while he continued to listen to the impromptu interview.
“Are you suggesting that the President might be considering high level trade talks while he is here?”
“Let’s not jump to conclusions. I understand that a press secretary and two other news services are on the shuttle with President Mariner. There will be a formal press conference later today, after the President has a chance to settle and we go over his itinerary. Remember, I only found out that the president was arriving a few minutes before you did.” Bryce obviously was finished with the reporter. The countdown clock above the airlock gate showing that it was time for McCallister to position himself to greet those arriving. It looked like all but one of the department heads had gathered and Colonel Evans had his senior people with him. Senator Goldman and those politicians and diplomats that he had taken to the moon a few days before also were clustered close. A couple of low level people were getting everyone in some order.
McCallister was talking to someone in a suit and the Colonel, and the voice of Amber droned on with nonsense, and speculation. She was right that the third man was security, but not secret service. Hector knew that the man was CIA. Former secret service so obviously the treasury boys had pre-planed this well. Hector sat in silence as the door cycled open and Mariner hopped into the entry room.

Gratitude Log

  1. Rome Total War
  2. VisualHub (Gone now, but it converts the AVI format that FRAPs records in to mpeg 4 so I can use iLife)
  3. FRAPs (very useful to record games, in fact here is one I made of my Rome Total War victory at Trebia)
  4. Pinch Scotch (Spritzed this on last nights Salmon)
  5. Amaretto (Also spritzed this on the Salmon)

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I actually did write on Sunday and Monday. Just over 1500 words on monday, and over 1300 on Sunday. The three day total from the weekend thru monday was over 4000. In looking at the big picture of Space Mine, things may be a little out of sequence, and I am going to have to go and document my scenes I guess so I can double check that. I also got the edits in for the first chapter of Graces over that period.

Sunday and Monday I did a lot of work on the website for Time Commanders, pretty much have the layout for each episode planned, color choices and type choices picked. But then started working with Rome Total War and tried to get the game to work and to take screen shots. No luck there.

Was able to crop a couple pictures on the Mac side of things. Still working on the other.


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