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Got turned down on the query and first 3 chapters to Colonel Fitzwilliam. Didn’t write today, have been setting up the office computers here at home so I can get at all the records.

Didn’t write yesterday as was at Cheryl’s parents house cleaning it out.

So not much to report. But depressing time of life.

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Had to finish clearing out of Aspen today. Do not know what tomorrow will bring in regards to Aspen. Met with an attorney who explained a few things. So now to turning over that new leaf. Been getting encouragement from friends. Found out that another of my friends, Jerry, is writing a novel on a Sherlockian personality.

I urged him to jump on such things as blogging, who knows one day he may be quite a renown author with a very depth filled blog, and you will have heard about it here first. For us and the Graces of Brantley, we are continuing on in chapter eight and the foregone conclusion of the ancestry of our heroes. What we also see is that half of the romantic equation is not only sure that there can be nothing romantic in his life as I have set up the leaders to be only concerned with breeding, but that he is aware that our heroine does like him.

Introduced another minor character to be a nuisance for our hero in the 1000+ words I wrote today. And then as I finish tonight, Danny Kaye starts playing on my randomized iTunes.

One night Angelina and Eowyn and I had ventured up to Big Bear for a weekend and we had a CD of Danny Kaye, He has a great voice.

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Aspen is nearly gone. So much for a day job. I suppose the next iteration is sorting through the muck of bankruptcy and try and find some new work. Hard to imagine that there will be any work available. And hard to think of where I can look for work.

On the writing front, actually did another 1000 more words over the weekend after my last update, and have written another 750+ words today. How does one get an agent?

It would seem that is part of the next logical step, getting an agent. The writing comes much easier these years then in years past and it would be great to make some money at it, but how does one sell that novel, now that it is written. The classes at the University didn’t really dwell on that issue. And does self publication really make anyone money but the print houses?

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Went to Aspen and took home a lot of files today. That is probably what the next couple days will be like. Not fun at all.

So far for this weekend was able to put another chapter to bed, an on to chapter 8. Have written 7129 words from Friday to now, more than last weekend. Over 30K since the last writing group. 15K was my initial goal for the month so that is double the output I was targeting. The entire story is now 46K+ and moving on. At the end of this chapter, the character move into preliminary action against the threat. Something that the rest of the kingdom then will realize that it is there and will have to deal with it.’ Probably a good point to be at 46K. I wanted the book to be about 90K so it would be midway at the moment.

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So far today have written just over 1000 words, that prompts me to think what is a reasonable output each day. For part time, is 4 pages good? If a full time writer would 5000 words or 20 pages a day be the goal?

I will write more today, almost finished with the chapter. I think it is time for a short interlude with the creatures once more. I am reading Rides a Dread Legion by Ray Feist. I generally Like him but I am a hundred pages into it, he has added too many characters without identifying who are protagonists are unless he is returning to the tired characters of his series instead of the new ones he has been introducing. It leads me to think that the end of the beginning must be upon us. Time to advance to the middle and then the end.

The structure should be something like 25% set-up 65% the middle, the doing, 10% the conclusion and set-up for a second book it I want to go that route.

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Feeling somewhat better today.

Have written 1579 so far today and rewrote the sections on the relationship spell. it just did not seem to be working, a little far fetched so took something that I said would be 50 days, ten five days, and made it 15 days, three five days.

Aspen either may have till the end of next week, or the week after depending on what happens monday.

In the meantime the 4th Small Park Competition has been completely updated at the website 4th Small Park Competition

Went back to write some more before dinner, so not it is getting late and I need to eat, but got the word count for the day up to 4000+ That is over 15000 for the week since monday, and 27.5K since the last writers group.

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Very depressed today. Writing a great deal. Uploaded the first chapter of Graces to Scribd for people there to see. It just may be the end of Aspen Interiors. We have been on fumes for a long time now, and the landlord keeps getting more aggressive. The only upside and enjoyment is the writing and the websites right now. I have done more than 3400 words today. It is 23,000 since the 6th of April. I think the story is good, but that is just me. If I was able to get paid for this, i think I could produce enough output to make a living. It is a question of getting paid though.

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