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Got up and Cheryl talked of spending the whole day on Cheryl activities. Instead we compromised and I am joining her later in the afternoon.

This left the morning to write and do activities on the computer. I wrote about 1665 words. I want to get another eHow article done and set up a web page for my Roller Coaster Tycoon videos.

I did write in graces and went to garage to find all my writings.
I found drafts of:

  1. Tranquility Hilton
  2. Born to Grace (1st Book)
  3. Grade Price (the screenplay I did)
  4. Short Story collection
  5. The writing piece published at UCSC
  6. My SCA songs

Still missing

  • Amnesiac Cowboy
  • Chivalric Dreams

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😀 A surprising day. After watching Slumdog millionaire with Cheryl came down to check messages. I did not think I was going to write today.

I had spent the day chasing money.

Then I made the video for our use here : Forum Use Tutorial

and I also made another for my Roller Coaster Tycoon friends that I have been working on for two weeks. How to make a Simple roller coaster. Simple Coaster Tutorial

But I did end up writing 506 today.

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March 19th

Put this together so i could post from Facebook. May find a better way. Then wrote 868 words and did 32 of the parents slides while writing.

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It has been months

I started the idea of Blogging in September, but now I am taking a more active look at the idea of blogging.

How to be creative and put all those issues somewhere that I can reference them, keep the impetus to write moving forward and still be productive.

Is this the right place.

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